1200hp WRX from Scotland to take on Pro Class


Imagine building a really fast WRX. Something to run at the odd drag meet. Then imagine things get out of hand and you finish up with a flat six Subaru engine from a SVX punched out to 3.6 litres with all the good bits internally and with a couple of big turbochargers strapped on either side.


The horsepower climbs to well over 1000 (in fact closer to 1200hp with a whiff of NOS) and before you know it the car is running 7.7 second quarter mile times at near on 300km/h all whilst remaining street registered. If all this sounds impressive (which it most certainly is) just wait until you hear the next bit…

The car is then developed into a top level time attack car that goes out to set lap records and decimate almost everything that is put against it whilst retaining this insane power level.


Sound impossible? Well, you have never met Andy Forrest!

We caught up with this crazy Scotsman at his little workshop Andy Forrest Performance nestled in the sleepy town of Port Seton near Edinburgh on the East Coast of Scotland as he busily prepares what could possibly be the most insane Subaru WRX on the planet to ship to Sydney Australia to take on the fastest time attack cars on the planet.


WTAC: We are really looking forward to seeing you compete at WTAC in October. How did all this come about?

Andy Forrest: It’s all a bit of a blur actually. One minute I’m sitting, looking out at the rain, thinking I need a new challenge for the car, then I get an email from Nev Scott from Australia asking if I was up for WTAC this year. I had previously said no as it was not what the car was built for, but he caught me at just the right time and I said: Yes, let’s do this!


WTAC: Let’s start at the beginning, tell us about this crazy car of yours.

AF: It came about as a bet with my partner Lisa! I seen this 95 Impreza RA on Ebay for £2500 and just happened to say: that’s a 9 second car right there. She laughed: “in your dreams!” I said “I could have one of them running 9’s within a month”. The challenge was on and I won!

WTAC: We’ve heard this car has a hell of a reputation at the Ten Of The Best (TOTB) events in the UK

AF: Yes, TOTB is a multi discipline event for street legal cars that includes 1/4 mile drag, top speed over 1km standing start and a handling course over a fairly tight coned slalom track. We have won it outright for the past 3 years, against the UK’s fastest. The car runs 289 kph on the 1/4 and 340 kph from a standing start over the kilometer in full street trim.


WTAC: You’ve also smashed another record at Knockhill circuit recently at a round of the Superlap Scotland series?

AF: Knockhill is my local circuit, I won the Scottish saloon car championship there over 20 years ago in a Sierra Cosworth. I thought it was about time I visited again, so we had a look at the regs, tweeked the car to suit and entered the event. We took the win and set a new lap record first time out, which was nice.

WTAC: We are all intrigued at how on earth you managed to convert what was essentially a street car into a race car that does times at both the drag strip and the race circuit.

AF: A wise man once said “there is no replacement for displacement” but that was before we had boost. Now the belief is “there’s no substitute for boost”. So we’ve just combined them. 3600cc and 40psi boost in a lightweight car. There is your answer!


WTAC: Can you talk us through your engine and running gear?

AF: We have used an H6 engine from the normally aspirated Subaru SVX/Alcoyne. It is basically an Impreza engine with 2 more cylinders, it shares most of its internals with the EJ22 engine from the old 90s Legacy/Liberty and bolts right in to the std engine mounts.

It has been stroked to 79mm and sleeved out to 98mm with uprated forged internals and our own custom camshafts. It runs two Blouch billet GT35-88 turbos that are rated at 700bhp each and 12 x ASNU 1300cc injectors, all controlled by a Syvecs S8 ECU. The trans is a Australian made Modena 6 speed sequential in the OE Impreza casing with paddle shift and an Australian made Xtreme Clutch.


WTAC: As all this has come around in whirlwind you guys obviously have very little time to prepare. This can be a bit of a detriment but we have heard it from many reliable sources to never underestimate what you guys are capable of, regardless of the odds. This bears the question, what will you be doing in preparation for coming to Australia in such a short space of time?

AF: This is the tricky bit, most guys have had a year to prepare for WTAC, we have had 2 weeks! The car needs to ship out next week in order to make it down by early October. We have been sprinting the car so the format of 1 hot lap is a familiar one, however we don’t have any tracks on our calendar that have such high speed turns like Sydney Motorsport Park.

Aerodynamics is where we will find the challenge, we have the power, we have the mechanical grip but we don’t have the aero development that is all important for this event. We have a few last minute DIY alterations underway to address this but with no time to test it on track it is a bit of a gamble.


WTAC: Sydney Motorsport Park is a large flowing circuit that favors the higher horsepower cars so this may well play into your hands.

AF: Yes, if we can maintain the momentum in the faster turns it will be good. Pulling 2+ G’s through turn 1 on road tyres requires some serious down force, that will be our challenge.


WTAC: You have a serious following worldwide on social media, is there anything you would like to say to your fans before you get here?

AF: Come down to Sydney if you can, there is simply no better way of experiencing a motorsport event than in person. If you can’t make it, tune in to the live stream. I was captivated by it last year and we didn’t even have any UK cars running! We will be giving it all we have got that’s for sure!


WTAC: Thanks Andy, along with everyone else we cannot wait to see what you can do. We suspect you may surprise even the biggest skeptic!


Photos courtesy of Flat Out Motorsport Photography

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