Introducing the ultimate in time attack owner-driving! New Pro and Pro-Am double entries for 2019!

Due to increasing demand from competitors and spectators, we are rolling out new format in WTAC Pro and Pro Am classes that will allow not only the owner to drive these top-tier cars in Pro Am, but also double-enter the car in Pro Class to see what the car can do with a professional driver at the wheel.

“It’s great to see the owners of these amazing machines want to have a crack at a title as well,” says WTAC CEO, Ian Baker.

“It’s a testament to the quality of the cars being built in Pro Class. These cars are being built tougher, more durable, and have to withstand twice the track time as they usually would at a WTAC event.”

This means some of your favourite Pro-level teams will be also able to shoot for double podiums! We’ve already seen cars transition classes such as when Tilton Evo owner Kosta Pohorukov brought back the three-peating Mitsubishi for a fang in Pro Am in 2018. 

We are excited to confirm that to lead the way in this new format change in 2019, the Tilton team have entered both classes and will be campaigning the Evo in both Pro and Pro Am – you’ll get to see both Kosta and Garth Walden have a steer in each class!

Team Sweden have also opted to sign up for both classes, with owner Gustaf Burström in Pro Am and ex-F1 test driver Alx Danielsson in Pro. Team USA will also double enter with Cole Powelson making room in their program for Rob ‘Chairslayer’ Parsons to steer in Pro-Am. 

All competition tyres will be marked and scrutineered accordingly and will effectively run like the teams were to have two different cars in two different classes. Cars will also run a timing transponder that will be able to switch between drivers for timing and live-streaming purposes. All helmets will be marked also – ensuring there is no confusion on pit lane as these cars leave and return.

Some of your favourite Pro level cars will be on track MORE THAN EVER in 2019! How will this affect strategic race planning for the teams? Come find out! Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge will be held 18-19 October 2019. Tickets are on sale NOW at