5 Brands You NEED To Get Your Car WTAC Race Ready!

Track Warrior knows the brands to get your car race ready.  Boasting a huge variety of parts and products, here are 5 brands that we believe are some of the best in the business to take care of your ride – be it circuit, drift, drag or street.


  1. GearWrench are the only tools you’ll ever need with their lifetime warranty. The team at GearWrench take pride in producing tools that you need to get the job done quicker, with less time in the shop and more time on the track.
  2. AISIN Engine Oil is at the forefront of engine lubrication. Co-owned by Toyota Motor Corporation, AISIN oil is formulated with a unique fully synthetic Pao and Ester blend to suit JDM and modern performance vehicles.  Using known R&D from racing across the globe, their formulas include race proven additives that increase power, performance and maximize engine life.
  3. QFM Brakes will stop you in your tracks, literally. Based in Queensland, the brand you know and trust has over 30 years of R&D.   They produce unique and specialised friction materials tailored to Australian automotive market.  Their range of compounds cover everything from daily drivers, 4X4’s, performance vehicles and even custom race applications.
  4. Gulf’s instantly recognisable blue and orange racing livery is synonymous around the world with high quality products, endurance and passion. All Gulf oils include premium additives proven to increase performance and protect your investment. The Gulf brand has come to symbolise iconic style and is widely regarded as one of the most admired in the world. The product range also includes apparel that is inspired by the company’s rich racing heritage.
  5. CR Spotless will have you turning heads with your pristine looking vehicle. The de-mineralising water system allows you to wash, rinse and dry without ever touching the cleaned surface. Water spots are a thing of the past on every surface imaginable. CR Spotless will take care of just about everything including cars, motorbikes, trucks, recreational vehicles, caravans, boats, windows and solar panels.

All of these exciting brands and more are available at www.trackwarrior.com.au/wtac. Track Warrior is your one stop shop for your performance vehicles.  Use WTAC2018 to obtain 20% off until 30 October 2018*

Think performance, think Track Warrior.
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