It’s back, faster and better than ever! The entries for the Flying 500 have started coming in and it looks like we’ll be in for a treat this year.


The Flying 500 is a full noise, top speed competition held on the Main Straight of the SMSP Circuit, in the reverse direction, commencing on the tarmac strip located adjacent to Turn 1.

Each competitor gets two runs each day, with a total of four runs of the course for the event. Top speed is measured by a radar speed trap located at the finish line. The eventual winner of the Flying 500 Trophy will be the car with the fastest recorded speed on the course over the two days. A trophy will also be awarded for 2nd and 3rd fastest times over the two days.


When not competing, all the Flying 500 cars will be on display in the designated area on the dummy grid. This will give fans a chance to get up close and personal with these machines and chat with their owners.


The Flying 500 features cars that are built by local workshops, tuning houses and /or individuals. They aren’t dedicated drag cars but real-life, 1000 plus horsepower street monsters.


Expect GT-Rs, EVOs, Falcons, Commodores, old school Datsuns and Mazdas as well as some brand new builds scheduled to make a debut at this year’s event.


Flying 500 FAQ

Do I need to pay extra to see Flying 500? No. the Flying 500 is a part of WTAC and is covered, like most other attractions at the event, with your general entry ticket.

When is it on? The Flying 500 is the main part of our lunch entertainment and will be held on the main straight at approx 1:30pm on Friday and Saturday.

What are the best viewing spots? The Flying 500 starts on Turn 1 and ends near the Pit Lane entry so you can see the entire race from either the Grand Stand or from the Pit Garage Roof.

How do I enter my car? The Flying 500 is an invitational event. We look for the absolute best cars to ensure only the best and fastest cars make up the Flying 500 line-up.WTAC_webstory_f500j