Andy Gray confirmed for TIDC

andrewScottish born, D1 Japan Street Legal competitor Andrew “Andy”  Gray has confirmed his entry in the 2013 Tectaloy International Drift Challenge.

After landing on the podium in 2nd place at the most recent round of  D1 Street Legal, Andy is climbing the ranks and proving to be name to watch out for! He has held a D1 SLA License held since 2009 and a D1 GP License since 2012, competed in D1 Street Legal (Japan), MSC Japan, G1GP Japan, ADGP and Stadium Drift.

Andy is a regular on the podium at drift competitions in Japan and we are looking forward to seeing him in battle here at Sydney Motorsport Park on October 18th & 19th.


Andy will be competing in his Australian Based JZX100 Chaser, with a full new look wide Body Aero and 700ps 3.1 2JZ. The popular Powervehicles machine comes equipped with the following;

2JZ 3.1 Litre Forged
HKS Cams
Garett Turbo
6 Boost Manifold
Bosche Pump
Apexi Power FC (Settings by PITS)


Side Skirts
Rear Aero
Rear Spoiler
Arch Extensions
LED Kouki Tails
(New Kazama Auto / BN Sports Aero will be fitted for this Event)
DG5 Coilovers
Kazama Auto Full Arms
Hey Man 800Ps Knuckles & Extended Lower Arms


R154 5 speed
ORC Twin Plate
Tomei 2 way LSD

Wheels / Tyres:
18” Work & Gram Lights
Achilles 123S 265 35 18


Born in Scotland, then later moving to Japan, Andy now runs his own business there called Powervehicles through which he provides a variety of services including Japanese Vehicle Sourcing, Vehicle Building and Tuning, Drift Competition Assistance and Preparation, Drift Car Rental and Lessons in conjunction with Team Orange.

We asked Andy when and why he moved to Japan, he said “My wife Emily and I moved over in 2005 to export cars mainly to Europe.  After the Financial crash in 2007 we looked to reduce overheads and moved North from our yard in Tokyo to Operate within Ebisu Circuit in a cheaper more remote location of Fukushima.  That turned out to be the best move ever as our company evolved from 100% export to 95% Domestic sales when we started providing cars for foreigners to use in the circuit whilst visiting Japan.”


Andy started Drifting around 8 years ago and competing in comps soon after that. His Japanese expertise and experience with some of Japans best drifters will pave the way for what is sure to be a very big competitive advantage for Andy and he is a welcome addition to the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge line up.


Andy and Powervehicles are supported by Ebisu Circuit, Kazama Auto, Yokohama Advan Neova, Moty’s Oil, Dixcell, Rays Gram Lights, DG-5, Zenky Racing, NTS, Tomei, Hey-Man Products, Bride, Japanese Parts and Performance and Corporal Industries.


To view Andy’s profile for the 2013 Tectaloy International Drift Challenge, CLICK HERE!