2021 Australasian Drifting Titles FAQ 

What format is being run this year?

Normal Top 32, Qualifying on Friday, Battles on Saturday. 

Are OMT’s restricted? 

Sure are, if a battle can’t be split the first time it is sudden death OMT! 

How many cars will compete this year? 

32 Cars and Drivers will be selected to compete based on interesting car builds, show factor and reach, and of course driver ability.

Who is driving and can my mate drive too? 

The Australasian Drift Titles are a professional level invite only event and this invite is only for you. It is non-transferable. 

Can I get extra tickets? 

You can buy discounted tickets but they must be done early, more information will be sent after your registration. 

Can I take Passengers? 

Motorsports Australia has strict passenger ride rules and only approved cars can take passengers, contact us for more details when you register.

Where can I get more info? 

We strongly suggest that you read the Australasian Drift Titles regulations which can be found in the competitors section of the World Time Attack Challenge Website, if you still have questions, email Dan Mackie on drift@

What do I need to do now? 

Fill out your registration form and get it back to us ASAP so you don’t miss out on your spot!