In the final Midday Mayhem session for the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge 2018 presented by Track Warrior, the B2R Motorsport Nissan R32 GTR driven by Joshua Khoury was awarded the Turbosmart Flying 500 Workshop Battle victory.

The victory for the entry – one of seven cars comprising American, Japanese and Aussie muscle – came courtesy of their top run of 271 kilometres set in today’s session.

Also taking to the track during Midday Mayhem to the delight of the crowd were the Burnout Ballet, a drift demonstration, Volkswagen Time Attack, the special running of the HKS TRB-03 – controversially the fastest tin top around Tsukuba – and hot laps from the PGM V8 Motorcyle, the most powerful production motorcycle in the world.

Before all of that however, a special pit walk was held for the fans where they could get up close and personal with all the stars and cars of the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge 2018 presented by Time Warrior.

Pit lane was abuzz with people during the Midday Mayhem pit walk

The final timed sessions for the V-Sport Clubsprint, Link ECU Open Classes, Royal Purple Pro Am and Royal Purple Pro Classes are on-track now ahead of the Nulon Superlap Shootout for the top five of each class from 3.50pm to 4.45pm.

Following the crowning of the WTAC Winner for the Royal Purple Pro class and the WTAC Class Champions for the V-Sport Clubsprint, Link ECU Open and Royal Purple Pro AM classes with a special presentation at 4.50pm, the conclusion of the International Drifting Cup presented by Garrett Advancing Motion will kick off from 5.30pm. For a full event schedule, please click here.

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