Bosch Motorsport ABS: The Winning Formula

A majority of WTAC class winners were fitted with a Bosch Motorsport ABS system. It’s easy to see the benefits of this addition to your car – now learn more about why this product makes winners and helps teams turn their performance up to 11.

As a driver, you already know that braking is one of the most critical aspects of on-track performance. Aside from being a core safety feature, history has shown that an advantage in the braking zone can be the difference between a good and a great qualifying lap or losing and winning a race. That’s why many Time Attack teams are turning to Motorsport ABS (anti-lock braking) to give them a competitive edge. Read on to understand how Motorsport ABS works, the benefits of Bosch Motorsport ABS, and make an informed decision about installing it in your race car.

How Motorsport ABS Works

Motorsport ABS is theoretically similar to the anti-lock braking systems found in road cars, but is wholly optimized for the unique demands of motorsport. The system uses high-speed sensors to monitor the speed of each wheel, hydraulic pressure, and 6-axes of acceleration/yaw. The competing demands of a road car system (ease of use, NVH, multi-surface applicability) are traded in for ultimate deceleration and control by keeping each tyre in the optimum slip range during ABS activation.

In aggressive braking it can be easy to lock up a wheel, requiring the driver to modulate (reduce) their input pressure to regain control. Motorsport ABS precisely reduces pressure at that individual wheel to keep in the optimal slip percentage window, but allows the tyres with higher grip potential to continue to brake harder, maximising the overall deceleration potential of a given setup.

Now that we understand the fundamentals of how Motorsport ABS works, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of the Bosch Motorsport M5 ABS system:

Intelligent: Configured for your vehicle

The Bosch Motorsport ABS system is specifically configured for each individual customer vehicle, taking into account factors including vehicle mass, wheelbase, track width, tire rolling circumference, etc. This configuration ensures that the system maximises the braking potential of your setup. You have likely heard of drivers complaining of occasional instances of hard pedal or ‘ice mode’ with their standard road car ABS on the track. There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing how badly this can end. This is a symptom of a standard system being taken outside its factory performance envelope due to grippier tyres, larger calipers, etc. By installing a calibrated Motorsport ABS, you can be confident that you will have maximum control over your vehicle during braking, even in the most challenging conditions.

Control: Dial in the intervention level

One of the unique features of the Bosch Motorsport ABS system is the ability to dial in the level of ABS intervention. This feature allows drivers to adjust the level of ABS intervention to suit their driving style and the conditions they’re driving in. For example, drivers can reduce ABS intervention in dry conditions to allow for more aggressive braking or increase ABS intervention in wet conditions to improve grip and stability. One of the 11 included ABS maps even accounts specifically for bumpier surfaces, perfect for hill climb or tarmac rally. This level of control allows drivers to tailor the ABS system to their specific needs and preferences on-the-fly, giving them a competitive advantage on the track.

Speed: Optimized deceleration and control

The Bosch Motorsport ABS system is optimized for deceleration and control, which means that it can help drivers to brake more effectively and carry more speed into corners. This improved braking performance can make the difference between winning and losing a race. The system provides maximum braking force while still allowing the driver to maintain steering control over the vehicle, allowing deeper braking and significantly more control in the early and mid-corner phases.

Limit risk: Eliminate lockups

Tyre lockups are a major risk in racing, as they can cause a loss of control and potentially result in an accident, not to mention turning expensive rubber into a 50c piece. The Bosch Motorsport ABS system eliminates lockups, meaning that drivers can push their cars to the limit without worrying about losing control during braking. With Motorsport ABS, you can focus on driving your best qualifying lap and race.

When Quality and Performance Matter

It’s worth noting that the Bosch Motorsport ABS system is widely adopted by racing teams and drivers across the world. Pro drivers in GT World Challenge, DTM, and other racing series use the system, and benefits in terms of lap times, control, and safety are well proven. By using the same Bosch Motorsport technology as top-level racing teams, you can be confident that the system is proven and reliable. Indeed, ABS technology was adopted by Formula One teams in the technology spree of the early 90’s but was quickly banned – clearly it made the cars faster but completely eliminated the spectacle of a huge lock up into a hard braking zone.

Moreover, the Bosch Motorsport ABS system has been extensively tested and validated in a wide range of racing environments. Bosch has a long history of providing high-quality automotive components and systems, and the Motorsport ABS system is no exception. By choosing the Bosch Motorsport ABS system, you can be sure that you’re getting a top-quality product that has been tested and validated in the most demanding racing environments.

If you’re interested in installing the Bosch Motorsport ABS system in your race car, the next step is to find a local dealer who can help you with the installation. Bosch has a network of dealers across the world (including Australia and New Zealand) who are experienced in installing and supporting Motorsport ABS systems. These dealers can provide expert advice on which system is right for your vehicle, as well as help with installation and ongoing support. The Bosch Motorsport team and dealers will be available at the event if you would like to discuss your project further.

In conclusion, Motorsport ABS is an essential technology for any serious racing driver who wants to maximize their performance and stay safe on the track. The Bosch Motorsport ABS system provides a wide range of benefits, including increased safety, improved control, optimized deceleration and speed, and the elimination of lockups. With its proven track record in top-level racing, the Bosch Motorsport ABS system is a reliable and effective choice for any racing driver looking to gain a competitive edge. To find a local dealer and learn more about the Bosch Motorsport ABS system, visit Bosch Motorsport’s website today.

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