Bring on 2012 – a message from the CEO.

Well the trip to Japan for the Revspeed Superlap Battle at Tsukuba circuit in December officially marks the start of our 2012 WTAC campaign. We travel to Japan to liaise with teams, negotiate deals and put into place the plans for our next big World Time Attack event, and also catch a bit of time attack action at the spiritual birthplace of the sport.

What I can tell you is that in two short years we have created “THE EVENT” that EVERYONE wants to be at. Eastern Creek is now the benchmark and in a rapidly evolving global based economy, is unquestionably the stage that the top tuners around the world now want to showcase their abilities and go head to head with like-minded tuning houses in an annual, winner-takes-all showdown.

To say the Australian car enthusiasts have gotten behind us would be an understatement. And the support we have received from performance parts manufacturers, tuning parts suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and the performance industry as a whole is unrivalled anywhere in the world. It is because of this, what we refer to as the “Australian way”,  that we now have an extremely bright future in a world that is filled with global uncertainty. For this we are eternally grateful.

We are proud of the fact that once again we should inject a fair amount into our local economy. With everyone from tuning shops building customer cars for competitors, local parts manufacturers, to local hotels that sell out months in advance as the tuner community from around the country and around the world converge en masse at Eastern Creek circuit to take in the sights and sounds and experience something they will not experience anywhere else in the world.

So what can you expect from World Time Attack 2012? We can tell you that we will have more top overseas cars than ever before attending including some serious big name tuning houses from Japan that have never raced internationally before. We also have one top European entry confirmed and a lot of interest from a very well known US identity who is working on a deal as we speak.

We can also confirm that both the Cyber Evo and Sierra Sierra have well and truly retired at the top of their game. Their retirement will open the door for a whole bunch of teams to chase the times set by these two amazing teams, with many Australian teams already stepping up their act in a bid for the podium.

Tarzan has already confirmed he will be here driving more than one car and is still chasing the win. And don’t be surprised if there are many more very famous Japanese hero drivers hanging out in the pits in 2012. The Cyber Evo creator, Takizawa-san has also confirmed that he is already working on the “new” CYBER GTR and will return in 2013 with a faster more modern weapon in the form of a Carbon R35.

For those that are more akin to the drift action we can also tell you that the 2012 Tectaloy Drift Challenge will be bigger than ever before. The Kiwi contingent has already confirmed they will be back to defend their title with an even bigger team on the cards. We will also be dramatically increasing the efficiency of the lighting to turn the last few corners into “daylight” and making it more camera friendly for the huge media contingent. Joining the Kiwis will be the best talent Australia has to offer and for the first time we will also have at least two top Japanese D1 cars and drivers to mix it up a bit. Whatever the case this is one you definitely won’t want to miss.

And finally off the track you can expect more than ever before too! Australia’s best tuner brands will once again display their produce and expect some big names from overseas to join them in 2012 giving enthusiasts the chance to meet with technicians and even grab a bargain as many companies run their “once a year cash and carry sale” in the pit area. The skidpan will once again feature the top level show cars on the Saturday and the legends of the turbo era will once again provide lunchtime entertainment and give fans the chance to see these unique vehicles of a bygone era.

We are pretty sure in 2012 we will have  “something here for everyone and everything here for someone”. So whatever you have planned for the rest of the year make damn sure you are at Eastern Creek on August 10th and 11th for a show like no other!

Thank you all for your support!

Ian Baker
CEO – Superlap Australia Pty Ltd