Cole Powelson to pilot Topstage Open Class Silvia

Freddy “Carbon” is no stranger to World Time Attack Challenge. Carbon fibre aero panels and wings produced by his company, TopStage Composites can be found on numerous WTAC cars across almost all classes.

After sitting out WTAC 2017, Freddy is entering his own S14 in Open Class again.

“We’ve managed to get a very respectable time in that car, back when it was just a combo of random bits and pieces put together in a rush!”

This year, the car will be a brand new beast with a new body, a new aero kit and most importantly a new HGT sequential transmission.

“We are using our V3 Universal aerodynamic gear, the same kit that we supplied to the reigning Open Class champion – JDM Yard’s Civic.”

Freddy is keeping simple in the engine department, aiming for reliability and stability rather than massive power.

“The engine setup is simple but solid with a basic Haltech engine management setup. The car is going to be right on the edge of the allowed weight limit, so our power-to-weight ratio will be the deciding factor.”

But Freddy’s biggest surprise and his secret weapon this year will be the driver.

WTAC regulars will remember Cole Powelson as the driver of the LYFE Motorsports R35 at the 2015 WTAC.

“Cole is not just a great driver, but also a really cool dude,” said Freddy, “I know he will be able to squeeze the last ounce of performance out of that car!”

With no shortage of talent and awesome cars, competition in the Link ECU Open Class at World Time Attack Challenge 2018 is definitely shaping up to be interesting! Don’t miss out and get your tickets today at

For a detailed technical write-up of the Topstage S14, check out this at article at