“We’ve seen Silvias done as widebodies and as utes, so we wanted to do something different,” says Matthew Craig of his cool drift wagon. “We wanted to stand out.”

Matthew got Mongster Fabrication to graft the roof and rails off a Daewoo Nubira onto the top of the S13, which also runs Origin 50mm widebody guards on the rear, with a tube front structure hanging the ‘glass front panels. “It has been two years of work, and we planned to have it here in driving form, but… well, projects, you know,” says Matthew.

Under the bonnet is an FPV BA Typhoon-spec Barra, with valve springs, head studs and oil pump gears, while the outside features a 6Boost manifold and Pulsar 3584 turbo. The silver flake is Paint Huffer LSD, while the flake on the green is Paint Huffer Mary Jane.  

“Originally it was a daily driver, which then became a drift car, and then Covid hit and I was bored at home,” says Matthew. “A lot of the car was bartered for because I couldn’t afford to just build it. We hope to debut it at Round 3 of the Hi-Tec series, and to have it back here next year competing.”