Carbon Overload! Open Class R34 Unleashed by the Home of the World’s Quickest GT-R

There’s been a carbon beast lurking in the workshop at Croydon Racing Developments and surrounded by many other fast Skylines, there’s no doubt that Drew Hall’s R34 GT-R will be one to watch in this year’s WTAC GCG Open Class!

“I’ve been competing for 7 years now, we missed last year to get this ready. It used to be a full road car and I drove the car to work – the first time attack it went to, it even had its plates on it!” says Hall, “The car’s been on the up and up – next level! – it was time to do the uprights and get the chassis sorted, so we took the car back down the bare shell.”

I blame Matt Longhurst [Integrated Motorsport] for this! In 2013 we shared a garage and we’ve been mates ever since. See more about Matt Longhurst’s R34 here.

“The team at Solid Mechanical Engineering stripped it all down and we had Alex Bennett to do all the chassis work and roll cage down in Adelaide, he’s experienced in WRC chassis building and stuff of the like.”

“Oscar from Supashock has done all the engineering of crossmember and uprights, so I’m lucky to have him on board and lucky to have met all these people though my friendship with Matt Longhurst. Co-development is good development!”

The car’s come back up to Sydney for a special treatment by the boys at Croydon Racing Development.

CRD are no strangers to the RB package, with stablemate Rob Marjan’s ‘JUN II’ currently holding the world record for the quickest street-registered Skyline (For those playing at home, it went 6.86 @ 204mph!) 

The engine package is essentially the same as it was a few years ago, and amazingly Drew and the team are still using the same cast block from 2012, a seemingly fleeting material in the upper echelons of time attack material where we are seeing an increasing amount of billet being employed for the task.

Drew applauds the tuning and Nitto internals on the 2.7L RB package for the longevity – it also runs the original head!

The car sees approximately 500kw at the wheels, and we have word that the team might turn it up to 600kw on the weekend – they’ve got a cheeky extra long block stored away just in case…

The ‘zilla has also been treated to an Albins paddle-shift sequential transmission package fitting nicely in the standard tunnel. It would have been a shame to cut up such beautiful chassis work!

The braking package has been beefed up too, with an AP Racing big brake kit for GT Cars and a custom rear-mounting of the calipers too, for the suspension upright package.

The car’s carbon-rich exterior is unmistakably the work of Freddy Carbon of Topstage Composites and the beautiful weave covers every inch of the Skyline’s aggressive exterior.

During testing the car was only out for shakedown but from all accounts of the car’s performance of the day, Drew’s R34 seems to be very well-prepared with time to spare for the October 18-19 event dates.

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