With only weeks left until the vehicles are bound for Australian shores, it is very interesting to see the different approach all the teams are taking to their testing.

While other teams are at the track testing suspension modifications, or on the dyno squeezing more horsepower out of their engines, team Cyber Evo have been spending countless hours at Mie university Japan where the aerodynamicists at Voltex have been wind tunnel testing the new aero package.

The aero on a big track like Eastern Creek is sure to play a huge part and with speeds approaching 300km/h at the end of the main straight, this may well be money well spent. The other interesting upgrade is that the vehicle will now be fitted with an Australian made PPG dog gear set .

With a 2009 Tsukuba Superlap win under its belt, the highly experienced Tarzan Yamada behind the wheel and a reputation for being much faster still at bigger tracks like Mt Fuji in Japan, this car is definitely one to keep an eye on in May.

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