Cyber Evo will return to defend its title!

We can now confirm the rumours and innuendos surrounding the Cyber Evo. They are true! The reigning and undefeated WTAC champion will return for one last shot at the title with the legendary Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada once again behind the wheel before “officially” retiring to be replaced by the Cyber GTR R35.

With the Cyber/Unlimited Works/ Voltex team splitting and going their separate ways after WTAC 2011, the CyberEvo will be a somewhat different vehicle with aero now by Japanese body kit giant C WEST and track support and race prep now by the original creators of the Cyber Evo, Garage HRS.

With an undefeated record at WTAC at the Eastern Creek circuit for the past two years both times robbing the extremely experienced and powerful American Sierra Sierra Evo team of the win, the Cyber team are busy preparing to defend the title for a third time. The 4G63 has been given a freshen up and will now include an Australian made Haltech ECU with the Haltech crew making their way to Japan to assist with the tuning and the hunt for more horsepower.

The secret to Cyber Evo’s success was never outright power but more a clever combination of aero, lightweight and well sorted vehicle dynamics combined with a highly experienced driver that can “make the car dance”.

The Cyber story really is one that needs to be told with the car’s owner and engineer Mr Takizawa, being involved in almost every facet of the construction, despite the fact that his chosen career is that of a dentist.

The story goes that the engine was actually built by him in a backroom of the dental surgery with all of the tuning also performed by Mr Takizawa with many of the changes done at the track. It’s a common sight of Takizawa-san on the pit wall listening as the car goes past and indicating what changes need to be made by ear!

The apparent lack of data acquisition is another oddity. In today’s world of logging dashes and plenty of other high tech wizardry, CyberEvo changes are being made strictly based upon driver input. It seems that this has not stopped the team from decimating all its opponents over the past two years.

The fact that this vehicle probably cost a fraction of what many others have, is a testament to the extreme intellect of those that have been involved to date. You can read more about some of the secrets of the Cyber Evo here in this cool blog by Eric Hsu.

Cyber Evo’s history and previous records speak for themselves but what remains to be seen is if its winning ways can continue. With 2012 shaping up to be the most competitive year to date with Scorch Racing now running  faster than the Cyber Evo ever had at Tsukuba, Nakajima-san from Voltex teaming up with the formidable Top Fuel team, the super experienced RE Amimeya making the trip Down  Under and an extremely potent competitor in Red Brick Racing coming from England  not to mention a plethora of some of the most insane builds ever from workshops around Australia, it is shaping up to be an unprecedented showdown with only one winner!

Can the Cyber Evo make it three from three? You will have to be at Eastern Creek in August to find out. We can’t wait!

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