Day One Midday Mayhem – WTAC 2019

When World Time Attack Challenge competitors hit the powder room to cool their tyres, Midday Mayhem takes over.

In the Turbosmart Flying 500 Workshop Battle, 1000hp has become an expectation rather than a goal. Sending street weapons, drag racers and megawatt monsters in rolling starts from the entry of Amaando Corner back up the main straight, the sole intention is hot, nasty, badass speed. The opening assault had cars and drivers twisting their speedo needles past 270km/h. 

With rubber laid down thick on the track, two touge legends took to the circuit for a very different dance. In a pair of brand new A90s, the Toyota Supra Touge Showdown mixed nostalgia with the new new.

In patent green racing suit, Dorikin Keiichi Tsuchiya took to the track with the JGTC tribute Toyota Team SARD liveried car with time attack racer Tarzan Yamada launching out of pit exit behind him, Supra wearing the Advan 25th anniversary livery.

Trading places with a hot undertake on the inside of Amaando Corner the pair recreated scenes only ever seen in blurry bootleg Hot Version and Option VHS.

With the drift king safely back in pit lane, the remaining drift royalty hit the straight to demonstrate contempt for tyres of any kind. Swaying violently close to the pit wall with their rear bumpers, the slide squad gave punters a great reason to slip over to the International Drifting Cup at South Circuit after the sun sets.

Last but certainly not least, the Brabham BT62 was set to cap the mayhem with a generous dollop of hypercar grace. Instead, driver Will Powell blasted onto the circuit like a demon, manhandling the gorgeous curves of the Australian-built beauty and filling the stands with a malevolent soundtrack. A stout reminder to the assembled that the Brabham Automotive legacy is built on 70 years of racing, and winning.

These are never to be repeated scenes. Get your ticket now.