The Rolex 24-hours of Daytona has been one of the most prestigious endurance racing events for decades, so to have a veteran of that legendary race at the 2022 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge is a special treat. To have a vehicle which won its class at the Daytona 24-hour is on another level, so we have to thank PAC Performance for bringing along a very special RX-8. 

Rocky Rehayem from PAC explains how the car came to be on their stand, “This is a Speedsource car from the USA, and we’ve put a billet plate in the 20B, built and tuned the engine. It was wired by PE Racing, uses a Garrett G42 turbo, and it makes around 700hp, has a six-speed sequential transmission, and it runs in National Sports Sedans out here.”

The RX-8 has been doing demonstration laps on both days, showing the power of the peripheral port turbo 20B triple-rotor and spreading the awesome exhaust note over Western Sydney. 

“It is owned by Matt Ingram and this is really the third test session the car has been to; it has only done around 20 or 30 laps on it. It is a great Sports Sedan but it really translates to this event; if it didn’t have a spaceframe it would be a great time attack car!”