Direct from USA: AMB Aero Pro Class Mitsubishi Eclipse!

eclipse driving

Anyone who has spent any time around the World Time Attack scene the past couple of years will recognize the name Andrew Brilliant. Andrew was the guy that penned the design for the incredible Nemo Evo and prior to this had a lot to do with helping FXMD reset records in their NSX around the USA time attack scene and more recently Under Suzuki in Japan.


These days Andrew resides in Japan and is heavily involved in Super GT and vehicle manufacturers aero and engineering projects, but mention the word “time attack” and you will see this quietly spoken American take a real sudden interest.

eclipse rear

For WTAC 2013 Andrew Brilliant has teamed up with the guys at Brisbane tuning shop GT Autogarage and they will be campaigning the Mitsubishi Eclipse that ran previously in the US Redline Time Attack series. The car will be driven by American ALMS ace driver Tom Sutherland and prepared by GT Autogarage with engineering support from Danny Irvine (Australian Diversified Engineering)

eclipse shoot

“From the moment I found a class of racing where we as engineers have the freedom to experiment I had knew I had found my calling in life” said Andrew “at first it was land speed racing which I did in this very car at Bonneville in 2007 but then as the time attack scene took off in the US I converted the car to road racing spec and went on to set many time attack records in the FF class around the USA.”

ab eclipse 

“Then I moved to Japan in 2010 with my Japanese wife and settled over there. In late 2010 I met Ian Baker at the Tsukuba Super Battle event. Ian introduced me to Under Suzuki with his S15 Silvia and the GT Autogarage guys who at the time were involved in a Carbon R35 GTR build for a customer and also a little Evo they called Nemo. I guess you could say the rest is history”


So what does Andrew expect  out of the Eclipse?
“Well to be the fastest front wheel drive is the goal and I know there are some teams that have been making serious headway in recent times. If we can get within 5 secs of Sierra Sierra Enterprises then we would possibly quickest FWD in history.”

“But in saying that I am sure we are not the only team thinking this. There seems to be a race to achieve this within the front wheel drive ranks at WTAC 2013.”


“The concept of this car from day one has been to go fast by learning.  All the ideas that set current time attack records have actually trickled down from real world testing on this car.  The rolling testbed concept will continue as GT Auto Garage strive to be the top performance workshop in Queensland.”


“We would also like to finish a fair way up the field in terms of outright. Sure we probably will not pose a threat to any of the front runners in Pro Class but we certainly would like to give some of the “big names” a bit of hurry up. On paper we should be fast but as anyone, but we all know, paper is one thing and the track is another thing entirely. On the day anything can and often does happen. The GT Auto guys are extremely good at race prep and I have worked with Tom in ALMS in America and he is an exceptional wheelman. “

“With so many Australians involved I’ve been asked we if we still consider ourselves an American team. I guess you could say we are an American team with a lot of help from the Aussies”

eclipse front

GT Auto Garage/ AMB Aero USA Eclipse Eclipse
Driver: Tom Sutherland
Class: Pro
Car:Mitsubishi Eclipse
Car builder/tuner: GT Auto Garage/AMB aero
Team Website:


Car Specs:
Engine: 4G63
Gearbox: Precision Automation and Robotics (PAR) gearset / TMZ Performance
Suspension: KW / Robispec / Andrew Brilliant
Brakes: Brembo
Wheels: CCW SP16R 18″x12″
Tyres: Advan A050
Electronics:  MoTeC
Aero: Andrew Brilliant
TMZ Performance spline drive twin disc clutch kit
GT Auto Garage run/ maintenance, fabrication and engine tuning
Jordan Innovations custom wiring harness
Magnus Motorsports dry sump kit
Turbosmart Blow off Valve, Wastegate and FPR

Fastest Lap: 1:54.070  (NT01 tires, 2010 spec, much better car now) @ Buttonwillow CW #13 (2010)
Power Output: 550whp


Thanks to:
GT Auto Garage, Yokohama Advan, Auger Torque, Australian Diversified Engineering, Precision Automation and Robotics, TMZ Performance, Jordan Innovations, TEM Machine, Speedflow, Performance Wholesale. Magnus Motorsports, Turbosmart, Chassis Sim, PWR