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Today we talk to former Australian drift champion Beau Yates and have a look at the baddest AE86 in Australia.

Superlap: You have been out of drifting for a while now what have you been doing?

Beau Yates : Yeah well I guess I put my heart and soul into building this car and things were looking up with backing from TRD we were in a better position than ever before, but I guess you could say the timing was terrible because the GFC hit just after we debuted the car and hence both my major sponsor and my tyre sponsor pulled out simultaneously and then Drift Australia lost its backing leaving me with a big dollar car and no real series to race in and no backing to do it either. I have been focusing on other things of late like trying to buy a house with my girl. To be honest the car has been in mothballs.

Superlap: Are you looking forward to getting out again in the car?

Beau Yates : Absolutely!! This event looks like it will awesome. The car is such a buzz to drive. I mean this is everything we had learnt in previous years all put together without compromise.

Superlap: How do you think you will go against two of Japans best?

Beau Yates : I have no doubt that given the same opportunities a handful of Australians could mix it with these guys. What we lack out here is the chance to do it on a regular basis.

Superlap: Your car looks sweet! Can you tell us a bit about it?

Beau Yates : Yeah this is the same car I have had all along but we completely rebuilt it using a dry sump Beams TRD engine with a specially built GCG turbo and Bilstein suspension. Hi Octane racing have also chipped in to help me get the car to the track this time around.

The whole car was basically hand built by Mark and the boys at Hypertune and as I said before it is without compromise using all the best parts and the pictures really tell the story.

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