Today we meet factory Mazda driver, former Targa Tasmania winner and Time Attack “gun for hire” Steve Glenney and talk to him about three exciting entries he will be driving in World Time Attack and hear his thoughts on the most exciting new form of motorsport.

Superlap: Hi Steve, I see you have a few pretty amazing drives in the Open Class this year. Tell us a bit about the teams you are driving for.

Steve Glenney: Yes I certainly am very excited to be driving with two of what I believe are fantastic teams. I will be driving 3 cars in total , two from the Sydney based Pulse Racing Stable and one from GT Auto garage in Queensland. I have a high horsepower STi WRX and an extremely well prepared Evo 8 that will be contesting for outright in the Open class from Pulse and a nice lightweight FD RX7 from GT Auto garage that will also be having a crack for the title. To be honest I can’t wait!

SL: How do you find the transition from Rear wheel drive to four wheel drive?

SG: Well provided the weather is fine, on a track like Eastern Creek which is quite large and flowing it should not pose a problem.

SL: You are widely recognised in Australia as one of the leading rally drivers, how did you find the switch to circuit racing?

SG: Well the biggest thing with the Time Attack format is that the discipline is seriously not dissimilar to tarmac rally. There is no one beside you trying to bump you off like in circuit racing, it is just you, the track and the clock!! I have done a fair bit of circuit racing though. I was in a TMR prepared Evo X last year and won a majority of the races I competed in and also raced with the Pro-duct Team at the 12 hour in another Evo X

SL: So you like this Time Attack style racing and do you see it moving ahead in Australia

SG: Well I can tell you I went to Japan and the US with the organisers of this event last year and I was absolutely blown away. The quality of some of these cars is equivalent to what you would see in the high dollar European categories. I travelled to some of the workshops in Japan and went to the Superlap Battle at Button-willow and this Time Attack phenomenon is definitely sweeping the world at present. I couldn’t believe the amount of Time Attack cars at Sema show. In fact the Sierra Sierra car that is coming down was actually on the Cosworth stand. I mean it makes sense for these companies to showcase their wares and no better place than an even playing field against their direct competitors at the racetrack.

SL: So you could see yourself driving in the Pro Class in 2011

SG: Mate I would LOVE to. Like I said this is right up my alley. Me, the car and the clock!! And I absolutely love the fact that there is not a lot of restrictions in the rules so most of the Pro Cars are super powerful and ultra lightweight. I can see with the publicity this event has attracted that more of the guys will want to move up with the big boys next year. I certainly hope that I can be a part of it.

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