Eric Hsu on the “new” Sierra Sierra Evo

Sierra Sierra have been playing their cards close to their chest with the development of the Pro Class Mitsubishi Evo, but we can finally see what they’ve been up to. With the SSE Evo almost at Sydney’s docks, Cosworth’s maestro and long time SSE associate – Eric Hsu lifts the veil on USA’s Pro Class title contender.

It might look like a sedan on top but there is some serious aero underneath it. We’re talking some clever engineering here folks.

While we have already featured their new Borg-Warner turbo setup, featuring Aussie-made Turbosmart products, it’s the new aero that makes the car appear visually different to what we’ve seen last year. A quick glance at the images in this article confirms the widely accepted notion that the SSE guys take this even very seriously.

Front bumper bar has been redesigned in search for extra down force. Eric explains:  “If you watch in-car camera of Tarzan driving the CyberEVO, he throws that car around like it’s almost a rear wheel drive. The idea to maximize front grip came up because we believe there will be a significant increase in rear downforce.”

So how does Eric feel about coming down to Sydney for the WTAC?
“I can’t wait for the event. Aside from competing, the World Time Attack Challenge is the best Time Attack event I have ever been to. Being in the heat of that kind of competition is just plain awesome. It is a really special event. Everybody’s friendly, you’re surrounded by ultra fast turbo cars, and Sydney is an awesome city with plenty to do. Plus Aussie beer is pretty damn good too.  I always tell people to take a vacation and make it to Sydney during the WTAC so they don’t miss the event of the year. See you guys soon!

Those who attended the 2010 World Time Attack Challenge need no convincing that the SSE Evo is a fast car. It certainly is the fastest time attack car in the US and the team are dead set focused on winning, having missed out by a narrow margin last year. They’re also genuinely great bunch of guys who are passionate about the sport.

From our end, we wish them all the best of luck next week and we look forward to seeing the beast in person when it arrives at Eastern Creek.


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