Can we hang banners on the Pit Garage Balcony?

Pit garage balcony banner spaces are reserved for event Sponsors only. If you’re an event Sponsor, your banners will be supplied and installed by WTAC. No unauthorised banners are to be placed outside of your trade stand or pit garage.

Can we hang banners on the main straight?

The space on the fence in front of the grand stand is reserved for high level Sponsors only, and will be installed by WTAC. No unauthorised banners are to be placed on the main straight.

Can we hang banners on the pit wall?

Pit Wall is reserved for Class Sponsors only. If you are a Class Sponsor your banners will be supplied and installed by WTAC. No unauthorised banners are to be placed on the pit wall.

Do I need an extra pass for a truck delivering my display stand?

No. You will need to set up your stand during the specified bump in / bump out times. Delivery vehicles will be given a temporary pass at the gate during these times. Delivery vehicles must leave immediately after unpacking and vacate the Pit Zone as soon as possible.

Can I park my car next to my display?

No parking is allowed in the Pit Zone. Only designated display vehicles are permitted in the Pit Zone. Any unattended vehicle without proper permit found in the Pit Zone will be towed away. This includes bump-in as your car my block access to another exhibitor’s display area.

Can I sell or give away food/drinks at my stand?

No. You can provide your staff/crew with food and drinks but due to the venue regulations selling or giving away food or beverages to general public is not allowed.

How can I purchase tickets for promo models?

Promo model passes are available for purchase to Sponsors and Exhibitors only. Please contact sales@ for more information.

How do I arrange our PA announcements?

If you have purchased a package or add-on package with PA announcements, you will be emailed a PA announcement submission guide detailing how to arrange a PA announcement.

Exhibitor Accreditation Passes & Packs

Exhibitor wristbands will be available for collection from the WTAC Accreditation Office (next to Gate A – opposite Sydney Dragway). Please note that your wristband is also your Event Entry Ticket. The Bar Code on your wristband must be presented for scanning upon entry.

We encourage all Exhibitors to collect their Exhibitor Packs on Thursday to avoid the Friday morning rush.

WTAC Accreditation Office opening hours TBA

General Guidelines

World Time Attack Challenge is an outdoor event so it’s important to keep the weather conditions in mind when preparing for the event. It can get hot so make sure your staff is well hydrated and if necessary work in rotating shifts.The Pit Area can get windy at times so ensure all your marquees are sufficiently weighed down and all your displays secured.

While we have overnight security patrolling the area we recommend you put all your valuable items away at the end of the day. We also recommend that you don’t leave your display stand unattended during the day.

If you have any questions regarding the event or your display contact:
Email: sales@ or call (02) 9638 4643.

Bump in / Bump out times

Main Paddock (WTAC) Exhibitors TBA

Drift Hill Exhibitors TBA

Overnight security will be provided from Thursday night until Saturday night. Valuable items may be stored overnight in a lock-up garage on request.

Lost / misplaced passes

Exhibitor Passes are your responsibility. We cannot issue any additional passes on the day. Ensure that your passes are collected and distributed in a responsible manner. If you have misplaced or lost your pass you will have to purchase another one from the Accreditation Office.

Additional Passes and/or Entry Tickets

Should you require additional Exhibitor Passes you need to notify WTAC before September 30th. Additional Entry Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate.

Loading and Unloading

Delivery vehicles are permitted during Bump in times on Thursday and Bump out on Saturday. No heavy vehicles will be permitted in the Pit Zone during the running of the event. Delivery vehicles will be issued with a temporary entry permit upon entry. Once unloaded, all vehicles must leave the Pit Zone. There is no parking in the Pit Zone area. While unloading all care should be taken not to obstruct access to the neighbouring displays.

Exhibitor Parking

There is no parking in the Pit Zone or in the South Circuit Pit area with the exception of nominated display cars. All exhibitor vehicles will be directed to a designated Exhibitor Parking. Trailer parking is in P5 (see map). We recommend your guests and staff use General Parking area.

Display Vehicles

All display vehicles must be registered prior to the event. After registering your display vehicle, you will be issued a display vehicle window sticker. Display vehicles must be parked within your display area and not obstruct neighbouring displays.  No display vehicles may be moved once parked on your display until close of the event each evening. No changing of display vehicles is allowed throughout the day.

Space restriction

When setting up please ensure your exhibit is within your nominated space. This includes any display cars or promotional banners. Please ensure your exhibit does not limit or obstruct access to the neighbouring exhibits.

Electrical safety and information

There is no power provided for exhibitors (apart from exhibitors in car ports). All generators must be placed within the allotted space for your trade stand.

If your exhibit uses power you must ensure all the connections are secure and don’t pose any safety hazards. All extension cords must be kept out of the public way. Each Exhibitor is responsible for the safety of their staff and visitors.

Liability Insurance

Each exhibitor must ensure that they have Public Liability Cover (not less than $10,000,000) for the period between

12.00am 17th October to 12.00am 20th October 2018

And must provide a Certificate of Currency endorsing and noting the interest of the Event Organisers, Superlap Australia Pty Ltd, 36 Mary Parade, Rydalmere NSW 2116, Australia (ABN 84 129 145 722), for the said period. The insurance cover must also include liability for personal injury as well as damage to property.

Please provide your Certificate of Currency by 30th September 2019 via email: inga@ or by Fax: (02) 9638 4651

Equipment / Marquee hire

We have formed a relationship with a reputable supplier of Marquees and Event equipment. If you are looking to hire a Marquee and/or any other equipment for your Exhibition space at World Time Attack Challenge we recommend booking through Pages Hire. They will be providing all WTAC Exhibitors with very competitive pricing and will be able to deliver, install and bump out in-line with our schedule.

Pages Hire

Contact: Geoffrey Yallop
Contact: Ashleigh Wiegold
Tel: 02 9533 9400 
Address: 26-38 Belmore Rd, Punchbowl NSW 2196

Promo Models

Check your Exhibitor Package for the number of Promotional Models allowed with your Sponsor/Exhibitor package. Your Promotional Models are considered part of your staff and as such are allowed in all the Exhibitor areas. No Promo Models are allowed on the track or in the restricted track areas without prior arrangement.

Banners and signage

Sponsors and exhibitors are permitted to hang their promotional banners within the area of their trade stands. All signage must be installed securely and removed after the event. Grand Stand fence, pit wall and the pit wall building are reserved for event Sponsors only as outlined in their Sponsor Package. Only banners supplied by and installed by WTAC are permitted in the reserved areas. Any unauthorised or incorrectly placed signage will be removed.

If you have any questions about your signage, please contact WTAC staff.

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