fernandez xr6

Hot off the press are these preview pictures of the planned livery of the Fernandez XR6 Supercar.
This car has been the topic of much discussion since it was announced the V8 stalwart would be competing in the World Time Attack Challenge in an ex- V8 supercar fitted with a high powered XR6 turbo engine.

The lights have barely gone off in the Sydney based workshop over the past few weeks as the crew work to a super tight deadline to have the vehicle debut at Eastern Creek on May 21st. Whilst this may seem like an impossible task, it is important to remember that they are simply “repowering” an existing race car and with a highly experienced crew supporting him things appear to be happening very quickly.

The car they are using as a base is the 2008 Fujistu car that Jose actually ran with Jason Bright complete with Ohlins dampers, blade sway bars and the extensive roll cage that is a V8 supercar. The final engine is being assembled as we speak with all the hotrod goodies supplied by Fabre Australia and an amazing turbo setup from the gurus at Plazmaman and tyre support from Dunlop.

As Jose made clear to me when we spoke. “We started with an existing race car so most of the sorting out is already done, and therefore when we hit finally hit the track we should be in the ballpark almost off the bat”.

We will keep you up to date with the progress and look forward to seeing this car on the track in May!