The pit garages at Mt Fuji were a hive of activity in the days before the Japanese cars were packed in the containers and shipped to Australia as some of the teams made last minute adjustments in preparation for the World Time Attack Challenge.

Mt Fuji is a much larger racetrack than Tsukuba and therefore more similar to Eastern Creek than the tight sub one minute Tsukuba circuit. Thanks to Dino Dalle Carbonare and High Performance Imports Magazine we have these beautiful shots of both Tomei/Cusco as the engineers try to squeeze every last bit they can from the Impreza and the R-Magic RX7 with it stunning new dry carbon body kit.

The R magic FDRX7 has undergone a full rebuild in preparation for World Time Attack and is now much lighter, has considerably more power, much more aero and is absolutely breathtaking to look at. Don’t forget this car has run in the 55 second bracket at Tsukuba in its old format!

From what we can understand both of these cars have now ” turned the wick right up” and the first place anyone will get to see them perform in anger is at Eastern Creek on 21st and 22nd May! DO NOT MISS IT!

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