The Haltech Clubsprint class at 2022 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge repped ridiculously fast street cars like no other class could, with records broken and a classic Subaru versus Mitsubishi battle.

Jamal “Jimmy” Assaad locked up the win in the first session of the day, running more than two seconds under the five-year-old class record in his Evolution Racing Spares Evo Lancer. The blistering time of 1.33.7 was way ahead of second and third, but they were wrapped up in their own battle. 

Idin Ahangar in the GotItRex STi GD Impreza pushed right to the absolute limit in the last shootout to crack into the 1.35s, and head Trent Grubel in the DC Jap Automotive Subaru.  

While Jimmy brought the Evo back out late in the day he aborted his attempt for a 1.32 and left it to Idin and Trent to battle. In the end Idin’s 1.35.228 was too quick for Trent’s 1.36.080.