Hammerhead No More! S13 WTAC Champion Refreshed For 2023

The car previously known as the ‘MCA Hammerhead’, or simply just as the ‘Hammerhead’ has changed hands for the 2023 season and new owner Wayne Lee has wasted no time to bringing this classic WTAC hero into the new era to truly give the car the modern updates it deserves, ready to bring the challenge to the likes of reigning champion RP968 in WTAC Pro Class.

The car is now named the ‘Tanuki’ S13, named after a Japanese racoon spirit being, the ‘Bake-danuki’, which is said to have the power of transformation. The Tanuki is also pictured in Japanese folklore with large cojones, which Wayne has indicated the driver will need to pedal this revitalised beast to its full potential!

Wayne has has some previous WTAC experience, having entered Haltech Clubsprint in his Toyota GR Supra. He will be steering the car himself in Plazmaman Pro Am, with V8 Supercar driver, Tim Slade, back in the hot seat in Pro Class!

Wayne competing at WTAC 2022 in his Toyota GR Supra

“This car makes my V8 Supercar feel like a taxi!” says Slade, after a couple of practice sessions in the car at Queensland Raceway this week. Sladey has piloted this machine throughout almost all stages of its life, and the car has has the most success with him at the helm, claiming back-to-back Pro Class wins in 2016 and 2017! 

Wayne has made clear that as much as the car has a highly respected past in the WTAC history books, he is looking to make his own mark in the books and not just as a caretaker. Famed Slacks Creek workshop, GT Auto Garage, who have been responsible for many top-quality WTAC entrants over the years have performed the unique engine conversion are on board to provide Wayne with the mechanical support and advice he will need to succeed in the top ranks of the sport.

The most stark transformation to the Nissan Silvia S13 is the power unit between the front struts, as the previous SR20 motor makes way for a 1100HP+ VR38DETT package out of a Nissan GT-R. The team has indicated this power figure as the starting point, with more boost available if necessary.

If the ‘Hammerhead’ you are familiar with looks a bit different on the outside, its because it is! AMB Aero’s Andrew Brilliant flew from Japan to attend this test session as the car is now draped in carbon of his design, an ‘Infinity Wing’ package which has proven itself to be more efficient at producing the downforce these cars require to stay planted at these extreme speeds. The Infinity Wing has been successful in record-breaking cars around the world such as the HKS TRB-03 (Tsukuba Record Breaker), Gustaf Burström’s Revline Racing Porsche 968 from Sweden and many others

We look forward to seeing the Tanuki S13 out for more testing in the coming months and we’re extremely excited to see how far this legend has developed! Catch this beast enter its new era at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge Sydney this September!

Tickets ARE ON SALE NOW – WTAC 2023 Event dates are Friday 1 and Saturday 2 September 2023!

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