Honda-swapped Ferrari confirmed for WTAC Open Class

Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge in partnership with Haltech Engine Management Systems are thrilled to announce the entry of Stanceworks’ Mike Burroughs and the 1000HP K24-swapped Ferrari “GTK244” in competition at WTAC 2023!

A car that has gained notoriety online and pissed off a flock of purists along the way, this late-’70s prancing horse has had the update of a lifetime, the old heavy Ferrari V8 making way for a much younger, more spritely engine – a boosted 1000HP Honda K24 package now sits behind the driver!

Mike once released a video calling the project ‘done’ but after his call up from Haltech and WTAC organisers to invite him down under, the goal was clear and his new path was now realised. He headed straight to the rulebook to ensure this car has the function to match its form to be competitive in GCG Open Class.

By all measures, this car will be quick if Mike can get the corners right at Sydney Motorsport Park. The Ferrari 308 was listed with a kerb weight of 1090kg, and if the amount of lightness added to the GTK244 is anything to go by, the 1000HP heading to the rear treads will propel this entry at a more than respectable pace amongst his classmates.

The Honda-swap was not driven by the intention to be a middle finger to the purists, it was simply the smartest decision to make reliable power and plenty of it! The 2.4L base, not only being almost three decades newer in architecture, is much more widely supported in the tuner aftermarket. 

The power is boosted by a Garrett G42-1000 turbo and outputs the horses through a Quaife QKE8J 5-speed sequential gearbox. Cooling duties are handled by CSF items and to slow the car down for the corners, a set of AP Racing Pro 5000R brakes have been fitted. Power is controlled with a Haltech Nexus R5 and PDM system and Mike receives visual feedback of what the car is doing through a Haltech IC-7 dash

The focal point of this car is the quality of fabrication throughout the build, from the engine conversion to the flawless cagework by Riley at RS Motorsport, each inch of this classic Fez has been given the Burroughs touch while still maintaining the classic iconic silhouette of the 308. Even the large wing and diffuser combo at the rear of the car look like they just belong

Everything has been thought out to the umpteenth degree: the rear external kill switch was plumb-bobbed to sit squarely between the taillights, the dash was made to fit with a custom carbon-nylon 3D printed mount. It’s this meticulous attention to detail everywhere that makes this car what it is. It’s one thing to do a wild engine conversion, it’s another to make the swap look absolutely at home. This build is far greater than the sum of its parts! 

We’re very excited to get a closer look at this in the flesh and to see how this car stacks up in the always wild Open Class. Mike’s Ferrari will be on the Haltech stand in the trader alley for viewing. 

Haltech is always quick to support those like Mike who work the long hours in their own garages, building their weekend warriors on their own terms, and as such have renewed their sponsorship as the naming rights sponsor of the 2023 Haltech Clubsprint Class at World Time Attack Challenge.