Insane carbon GTR to debut at WTAC

A few weeks ago we have featured Mick Sigsworth’s incredible newPMQ Evo,without a doubt one of the most exciting builds this year and one sure to take out the Pro Am class. After seeing Chris Alexander’s new all-carbon R32 GTR in action at Queensland Raceway on Wednesday, we are not so sure anymore.


This car is an absolute work of art and once again many of the names involved in the build have a familiar ring to them. To start with the name Chris Alexander. Remember this red R32 GTR in Pro Am class at 2013 WTAC? That was Chris, twelve months ago. He has, by his own admission, always been a GTR guy, so to build the ultimate time attack GTR was always going to be on the agenda.


After the 2013 event the red car was sold off to Denis Resi less engine and transmission to be converted back to an open class car  and Chris went on the hunt for a new shell as he had far bigger plans in the pipeline. The non negotiable goal was the car had to compete at WTAC in 2014.

“I guess the big turning point was when I met Barry Lock” said Chris “we then agreed the only way to do it properly was to start with a clean sheet of paper so that is what we did”

Looking at the car it is clear that Lock was involved too as it features his trademark wings seen also on the MCA car, PMQ Evo, Mighty Mouse and anything else out of the Barry Lock design stable. This style has often been referred to as “Queensland Aero” due to the fact that both Lock and most of his clients reside there.


The quality of the fabrication and carbon work is absolutely first class and will leave any GTR fan in awe.

“We built this car t0 the Pro Class rulebook from start to finish” said Chris. “It was a huge undertaking but getting the best guys involved from the start was the key. Firstly Barry Lock. Without him none of this would have happened.”

“All the carbon work was by Bruce Mooring from Lightning Composites except the underbody diffusers, they were made by Brad Crawthorne. All of it top notch stuff. Dave Ferrin did all the fabrication work and once again he is the best in the business. “By using these types of people meant that we only build it once and get it right the first go.”


The engine is also “all business” according to Chris. “It makes well over 500kw at all four wheels on pretty moderate boost and lots more if we need to get excited” said Chris “it was built by the crew at Tony Rigoli Performance and has all the best bits in it. It is tuned by Scott Kuhner and uses one of his new Emtron ECUs.”

If the name the name Tony Rigoli sounds familiar it should as these guys have been breaking sport compact drag racing records in Australia for many years so it is unlikely that this engine will be short on horsepower!


“There is not a lot left of the original car” said Chris “most of it went on Ebay or into the rubbish” said Chris “the fuel tank and oil tank are both in the passenger seat and will be covered by sealed box but we located it there to get the weight spot on.”

[pullquote]We built this car to the Pro Class rulebook

from start to finish – Chris Alexander[/pullquote]


We suspect one of these dials may be the “turn it up” feature should the team need it in Sydney.


The build features the highest quality components in every facet. “I am only doing this once” said Chris “and I have learnt over the years that the money you save the first time usually ends up costing double later. Put the best parts in first time round and it is job done.”


Rays Wheels hide massive AP racing brakes and like many of the other top level Pro cars the suspension is by MCA, another Queensland based company.


“It is going to take some getting used to” said Chris “it just has so much grip, more than I could have ever imagined. I am just creeping up on it and getting myself in the groove. It is insane that is for sure. I can’t wait to get it to Sydney Motorsport Park that is where it will really shine.”


Looking from the rear with the massive wing and diffuser it is almost reminiscent of the old JGTC silhouette cars of the eighties but we can assure you, the technology in this car is absolute latest.

All of the suspension is hand fabricated and double a arm design keeping only the original areas as determined by the WTAC rulebook.


The quality of the carbon fibre work is world class and a credit to everyone involved.


“I have known Chris for a while now” said Superlap CEO Ian Baker “in fact, he was one of the team that came to Tsukuba with us in 2007 when we took Mark Berry’s Hi Octane R32 GTR over to compete in the Revspeed event.”

“I can clearly remember Chris standing in the pits over there and saying to me: One day mate I am going to build the fastest R32 on the planet. I didn’t think much of it back then but clearly Chris was serious, because once he gets this car sorted I reckon he might just do it!”



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