What is this new format? 

The International Drifting Cup features World Cup style pools. Think rugby or soccer world cup. 

How are people selected into Pools? 

The pools will be drawn closer to the event – Date To Be Announced. 

How do the pools work? 

Win, Lose or Draw your judges points will be awarded to you in the pool rounds for each match up, no OMT’s during this phase, Top 2 points progress. 

Who goes to the Elimination battles (Top 16)? 

Collect points in your pool battles and win or finish runner up to progress to the Elimination battles. Draw your pool and face a sudden death battle. 

What happens in the Elimination battles?

Top 16 will run as normal Top 16 format through to the podium. 

Are OMT’s still restricted in the top 16 and beyond? 

Sure are, if a battle can’t be split first time it is sudden death OMT! 

How many cars will compete this year? 

40 Cars and Drivers will be split into 8 pools of 5, so you are guaranteed 4 battles across both Friday and Saturday. There will be 2 Substitute drivers.

What are substitute drivers? 

If you have an issue you can call in a substitute driver to battle for you while you repair your car, the points he earns will go to your score.

What are these hot pits? 

Hot pits are exactly that, fully set up tyre changing pits for you to use, bring your own tyres and crew across to the hot pit area (see map link in email, subject to change), rattle guns, jacks and jack stands will be there waiting for you to go. You have only 2 minutes to change the rubber and get back underway to the scrub zone! 

Why the change? 

This is the most fast paced drifting event Australia and possibly the world has ever seen. Don’t bring crew that can’t turn cars around quickly, you need the best. We changed the format to make this event action packed for the crowd and viewers at home, to remove the down time, and bits that drag on as much as possible, to take out the bits that don’t count so much and pack it in with battles for everyone on both days of the event! 

Who is driving and can my mate drive too? 

The International Drifting Cup is a professional level invite only event and this invite is only for you. It is non-transferable. 

Can I get extra tickets? 

You can buy discounted tickets but they must be done early, please ask at the time you send in your registration. 

Can I take Passengers? 

CAMS has a strict passenger ride rules and only approved cars can take passengers, contact us for more details when you enter. This cannot be done after your entry process is complete.

Where can I get more info? 

We strongly suggest that you read the International Drifting Cup regulations which can be found in the competitors section of the World Time Attack Challenge Website, if you still have questions, email Dan Mackie on drift@worldtimeattack.com

What do I need to do now? 

Fill out your registration form and get it back to us ASAP so you don’t miss out on your spot!

I’m sold, where do I get my tickets?