We visit the Fernandez Motorsport headquarters in Sydney to meet the man himself and check on the progress of one of the most talked about entries in the World Time Attack Challenge…

Superlap Australia: The clock is ticking and it certainly still looks like you have a long way to go. You are still confident that you will be ready by May the 21st?

Jose Fernandez: (laughs) Yes that is something that we are used to hearing around here of late. The reality is that we are a lot closer than what it looks like to the untrained eye.

SL: So what is your ETA, and exactly what is left to do?

JF: Well the first thing is that all the panel work is done and all the panels on these cars simply rivet back to the body. We can have this car back together body wise in under two hours. The rear quarters and all the panels are now painted and will be fitted in the coming days. The fabrication work is nearing completion and we only have the dry sump pan to finish and we can fit the “built” engine that is ready and waiting to go in and replace the “dummy” that we have used for the fabrication. Once that is done it will be nearly ready to go. We are wiring the ECU in the next day or two and then it is off to the dyno.

SL: So who will you be using to tune the car?

JF: We will be using Rocky Rehayem from Pac Performance and Ian Pollard will also be assisting here. Rocky has a wealth of knowledge on turbo engine tune and Ian Pollard has been in the circuit racing game forever so none of this will pose any sort of issue.

SL: And then you will be ready for testing is this correct? It doesn’t seem like a lot of time for testing compared to some of the other teams.

JF: Well yes after the dyno we will be heading for the track. One thing that I am extremely fortunate with and one that I hope will be my trump card is that both myself and my crew know this car back the front. Sure it is now powered by a different engine but the dynamics will be similar. The biggest difference will be the tyres we will need to run on ( R spec as opposed to slick tyres in V8 supercar). I have a super competent team behind me with Jeffery Slater who was the senior engineer with Britek on this car from day one, Ian Pollard and ex DJR mechanic Michael Flanders. So once we are back together we are planning on hitting the ground running. We plan on testing late next week. And I can tell you WE WILL BE AT SUPERLAP! And we will be competitive. I am not going to this much trouble to be an also ran!

SL: And finally Jose, what are plans beyond World Time Attack challenge for this car.

JF: That is a very good question Ian, This car has a bit of an emotional bond with me. It is chassis BA 26/07. That is my birth date. So coincidence or not it has some sort of attachment. Truthfully I would like to take this car overseas and possibly take on the Japanese or Americans on their turf! This Time attack thing has really got me going! I love the freedom of “run what you brung” and the turbo engines ability to keep on increasing the power levels with relative ease as we keep dialling it in. I also wouldn’t mind doing an endurance race in it maybe in Dubai or Nurburgring one day. Who knows?

Whatever the case this car will probably be with me for a long time and it can easily be returned to its original V8 format if I ever chose to. For now we only have one goal TO TAKE ON THE BEST IN THE WORLD AT EASTERN CREEK ON THE 21ST AND 22ND MAY!

See full specs of this awesome car here

For more info check out www.fernandezmotorsport.com



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