Introducing the Garrett International Drifting Cup

In 2023, the INTERNATIONAL DRIFTING CUP presented by Garrett – Advancing Motion returns to Welcome Back The World!.  This exciting format will follow the integration of a World Cup style event where drivers will be randomly drawn into pools and face off from the word go in two car tandem battles. By eliminating qualifying and reducing downtime to a bare minimum this means NON STOP DOOR BANGING action from the word go right through to the final showdown!

“We put an enormous amount of thought and effort into making sure this format would provide the most exciting non-stop action possible for the fans and competitors alike.” said drift operations manager Dan Mackie “This was a real think outside the box approach with the goal to ensure fan entertainment. The reality is everyone loves to see the top Aussie drifters take on some of the best in the world and with each driver guaranteed 3 battles each in the pool phase this new format will do exactly that over two intense evenings! It is gonna be insane and we are including a many other new aspects to increase the excitement level such as supercar style hot pit tyre changes.”

The format will see the elimination of ‘One more time runs’ during the pool phases with each battle being scored using a Win, Lose or Draw scorecard. A win will score two points, a draw one point and a loss zero. We are also severely restricting the five minute rule to ensure the track is ‘lit’ as often as possible. The driver with the most amount of points from each pool will move onto the semi-finals were we see the format return to a traditional ‘Top 8 style’ format all the way to the final battles for the podium.

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