J-SPEC Perf Team all the way from Switzerland

Olivia Merlini and the team from J-Spec Performance have come all the way from Switzerland with their Mitsubishi Evo X. 

We caught up with her and business partner Serse Zeli to find out more about them. 

This is brand new car for the team, it was built in just under a month and no sooner was it finished it was loaded aboard a ship bound for Sydney.

This is the second Evo X build for the team, their first car has been used by Olivia & Serse in the Italian Time Attack series. Serse is the current Pro Class Champion and Olivia is the Club class champion. 

When we caught up with the Olivia and Serse they will applying the final touches to the car. 

The cars engine, built in house by the team is a 2.2L, putting out roughy 550hp to the wheels, its runs a  Precision 6266 turbo. Gearbox is 6 speed sequential gearbox from Cobb. On a side note the engine covers were painted that colour with out realising Australias national colours. 

The cars aero is all created to work with the cars factory Tein Super Race suspension and pick up points, it features an  Infinity wings, side skirts, splitter and no rear defuser. The team run this package as it is a  turn key solution that they can supply direct to their customers. Brakes are an Endless 106 Package. 

The body is full carbon fibre exterior panels with a really cool wrap over the top, it really has to be seen to really appreciate. 

Serse and Olivia created their company J-Spec Performance to cater for the growing demands for fans of Mitsubishi Evo’s, Subaru WRX’s and Nissan GTR’s in Switzerland. 

They are both very hands on in the business and like to be across many of the projects personally. They are using the car to showcase what they can do. 

We look forward to seeing what the team can do this year.