Kyushu Danji GTR final testing at Autopolis

kyushu main

Miyata Sumihiko is taking his first overseas racing adventure very seriously with the whole team spotted out at the Autopolis circuit in Kyushu. The testing seemed to be going well with the times dropping to a 1.54.1 around the mountainous, 4.6km Autopolis circuit in very hot and humid conditions.

The team were testing the new Voltex aero and Akaike Takamatsu from Cocoa Systems was seen fitting various devices around the car to check down force readings.

kyushu fuji

With the temperature not dropping below 30 degrees for the entire day the team decided to stay on the safe side and use conservative boost settings. Overall, the team were more than happy with the results of testing on the 295/35/18 AO50 tyres and Takamatsu-san give the thumbs up on the aero readings.

The time is all the more impressive when you realize that the engine was probably making around 600hp as opposed to the 800+ HP it will be running at WTAC.


“The grip is incredible,” said Sumishik0-san “even in these high temperatures. The engine is very strong now with well over 800hp when we turn up the boost levels  and the aerodynamics now are superb.”

“This is my big chance in the biggest time attack race in the world so we must prepare and ensure that everything is 100%. I want to do the Kyushu Danji and the Japanese team proud. I also want to thank everyone that has helped me so far. It is a truly humbling experience.”

kyushu front

“To see the lengths the privateers are going to these days really paints the picture of the future of our sport” said Superlap CEO Ian Baker “and it is not just this car. Look at the incredible build on Mick Sigsworths Evo M this year, the Sutton brothers S15 could easily win a car show as well as time attack, the Hulk WRX has really stepped it up and the list goes on.”

“These are all owner/driver cars and we expect to see huge growth in the Garrett Pro Am class in the foreseeable future from around the globe. This class gives these guys the ability to build a Pro Car with very little rule restriction, but then only compete against non-professional drivers of a similar skillset as opposed to professional race drivers  that will undoubtedly always be faster in a similar vehicle. It is a class that makes sense in so many ways.”



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