Kyushu Danji R34 GTR to compete in Pro Am Class


One of the most popular time attack events in Japan in recent times is the ATTACK event hosted at Tsukuba and backed by Yokohama tyre. This event is strictly for amateur driver enthusiasts and with professional drivers not allowed to compete it enjoys a very level playing field.


One of the biggest drawcards to this event is the fact that Yokohama Japan offers the winner a full tyre support package for World Time Attack Challenge that year.

In 2013 the winner was Atsushi Shimaya in the Endless backed RX7 and for 2014 the winner is Miyata Sumishiko and the Kyushu Danji R34 GTR stopping the clocks with a 55.66 at Tsukuba Circuit!


Kyushu Danji is the name of a bunch of time attack diehards that compete at the Autopolis circuit in the Kyushu region of Japan and this is the fastest of the group to date.


Sumishiko-san has spent the past several years refining this GTR into a very potent package indeed. The whole car is simply overflowing with high quality components. Starting with a 2.8 litre HKS engine with V Cam system and a Trust T88 34D Turbocharger. All of the cooling systems are taken care of by ARC, the brakes are AP Racing all round and the suspension is NAMS developed Quantum racing.

In recent times Akihiro Nakijima from Voltex Racing has been assisting the team in developing an aero package that has no doubt played a pivotal role in the lap times dropping substantially in recent months.

[pullquote]To be able to race at WTAC in Australia

is just mind blowing![/pullquote]


“There is no question that to come to Australia and compete at WTAC is a dream come true for any of these Japanese teams” said Superlap CEO Ian Baker “the media exposure this event gets in Japan is massive, so this also means there is a lot to gain from a tuning shop competing here, particularly if they do well.”

“A huge thank you to Wataru Furitani from Yokohama Japan for putting this deal together to support the winning car and making it an extremely attractive proposition to head to Australia in October. This is also the first ever GTR we have seen compete from overseas so no doubt the Nissan fans will be cheering.”


“For me to be able to race at WTAC in Australia is just mind blowing”  said Sumishiko-san “the track seems very fast and flowing which will suit my car and I just want be a part of the whole thing. Time Attack racing is my life and there is no bigger time attack race than WTAC.”


Photos thanks to Dino Dalle Carbonare from and ATTACK.


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