Legendary Mazda 767B is coming to WTAC


One of the biggest announcements in the history of World Time Attack is that we will see and hear the  legendary Mazda 767B Le Mans at the 2014 WTAC. The car will be on display all day on Friday and Saturday and will hit the track at lunch time for some demo laps.


Not only will we see this iconic vehicle displayed throughout the weekend but we will also see it driven in anger several times over the course of the weekend. Photo: Nagoya Taro

“This car is of particular significance to any rotary fan” said Superlap marketing manager Greg Lysien “It was one of only three 767Bs built to race at Le Mans in 1989 and was the little sister car to the 787B that is the only Japanese car to ever win Le Mans (1991) and of course features the 4 rotor engine that produces a sound like no other. This will certainly be one of our headline acts this year and something people will remember for a very long time”


The car was built by Mazdaspeed in conjunction with Mazda Japan and features a full monococque  carbon fibre body weighing in at 800kg and producing 600+hp from a naturally aspirated 4 rotor 13J engine with a 5 speed transaxle.


Development of the 767B had focused on three main areas over the previous 767: increasing power output from the 13J-M engine at low to mid engine speeds, reducing weight and enhancing the aerodynamics.

All three cars started well at Le mans ’89, and sped through the first 12 hours without encountering any major problems. As they passed through the morning of the second day, the 767Bs actually increased their pace and went on to cross the finish line in formation. The lead 767B took seventh overall, equaling the best result ever achieved by a Japanese make, and won the IMSA GTP class for the third year in a row. The other 767Bs finished in ninth and twelfth overall and earned Mazda an impressive 1-2-3 in the GTP class.


Don’t miss it!

For most of us, this will be a one-in-a-million opportunity to see this car not just on display but also in its natural habitat – on a race track! We have gone to great lengths to bring this car to WTAC so don’t miss it – get your tickets now!