Red Bull Air Race World Champion Matt Hall sets to the skies over WTAC 2019

We are excited to announce the appearance of the newly crowned Red Bull Air Race world champion, Matt Hall, at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge 2019!

Credit: Joerg Mitter

Fresh from winning the world title in Chiba, Japan, Hall is the first Australian ever to be crowned as world champion.

On the Saturday of our two-day event, Matt will taxi the air race plane at 12:30pm onto the main straight of Sydney Motorsport Park and take off near vertically to perform an insane stunt show overhead, showcasing his incredible talent and also the breathtaking performance of these amazing machines.

Credit: Joerg Mitter

“This really is fantastic news,” said Superlap CEO, Ian Baker, “To be able to welcome Matt back home as the new World Champion by putting on a show for our fans and millions of viewers worldwide truly is an honour.”

Credit: Mihai Stetcu

“Anyone who has seen him perform will tell you that we are in for one hell of a spectacle. We have had stunt planes perform before but these Red Bull Air Race planes are on another level entirely.”

Credit: Samo Vidic

Meanwhile, Hall said he was eager put on a spine-tingling performance in front of an audience of passionate motorsport fans.

“I can’t wait to fly at the World Time Attack, it’s all about high performance vehicles and racing them to their limit and I think the crowd will get a real thrill out of seeing our MXS-R race plane…this thing will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck,” Hall said.

Credit: Mihai Stetcu

“I’m really grateful to Ian Baker and his team for having me at the event. They’ve worked incredibly hard with CAMS to ensure that we can land the plane on the track and do something different. I’m also looking forward to having a good look at the event once my feet are back on the ground.”

Credit: Preadrag Vuckovic

Matt Hall will be appearing on the centre stage at midday prior to take off so be sure to stop by and grab an autograph!

Cover photo credits: Joerg Mitter

Join us to welcome back our world champion at the Yokohama World Attack Challenge 2019, October 18-19th at Sydney Motorsport Park! Tickets on sale now at