If conditions are right this afternoon, Bart Mawer says he may very well topple the current outright race lap record of 1 min 19.142 seconds in his RP968 Porsche 968 after his scintillating lap this morning.

He fired off a 1 min 19.825 second flyer in session one for the Royal Purple Pro cars and said there is more in it.

“I went flat through turn one but had a little brake issue at turn eight where I went a little wide. And we ran that lap on low boost,” he said.

The next session was abbreviated when a Royal Purple Pro Am car came unstuck at turn one, just after he again went sub 20 with a 1 min 19.911 second time.

“The extra temperature hurt a little and I had the slightest of lifts in turn one,” he explained.

“When I saw the time on the dash, I was disappointed which is saying something because you really shouldn’t be disappointed when you see times like that!”

Barton Mawer celebrates after his blistering lap

When Mawer’s nearest rival Warren Luff was queried about what he could do to reel in that sort of time, his reply was, “not much” after a best of 1 min 21.398 seconds.

“We can’t get through turn one flat. Their car is mega aero and we make up our time in horsepower on the straight. We have done one lap per session because the heat soak makes the car slower, so far we have only done four laps,” Luff said

“But that is the beauty of the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge, different cars make their pace in different areas.”

Warren Luff

This afternoon will host one further timed session for the V-Sport Clubsprint and Link ECU Open Classes and two sessions for the Royal Purple Pro Am and Royal Purple Pro Classes, ahead of the Nulon Superlap Shootout for the top five of each class from 3.50pm to 4.45pm.

Following the crowning of the WTAC Winner for the Royal Purple Pro class and the WTAC Class Champions for the V-Sport Clubsprint, Link ECU Open and Royal Purple Pro AM classes with a special presentation at 4.50pm, the conclusion of the International Drifting Cup presented by Garrett Advancing Motion will kick off from 5.30pm. For a full event schedule, please click here.

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