Supercars gun Andre Heimgartner confirmed as driver for MCA Hammerhead for WTAC 2019

The Queensland-based MCA Suspension Pro Class team have confirmed seasoned race driver, Andre Heimgartner, will be steering the Hammerhead S13 at this year’s Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge. After a successful test session at Queensland Raceway, Ipswich, both driver and team are very confident in their 2019 campaign.

“Considering the laps he hasn’t done in this car, he’s fit into it really well, and to do a sub-record time, is a sign of good things to come,” says MCA Suspensions chief, Murray Coote.

Murray can list Le Mans winner Earl Bamber, Supercars heavyweights Shane van Gisbergen, Tim Slade and most recently, Warren Luff as the Hammerhead’s previous drivers. After eclipsing a 20-year-old lap record after no more than 6 laps in the car, we feel as though Murray has a bit of a gift for picking ace drivers and Heimgartner has already proven he will be no different.

“The car is a lot different to what I thought, I’d heard all these stories about how fast it was… 1150HP, all that sort of stuff… I was a little bit freaked out to be honest but once I hopped in the car it’s so steady, so controllable,” says Heimgartner. 

The car looks to be in the best form it’s ever been, a testament to the refinement of the car and the team over the many years of WTAC competition at the pointy end. When asked about what his motivation was to keep coming back year on year, Murray kept it pretty simple.

“I just enjoy motorsport and I particularly have enjoyed the knowledge learnt. It’s important not to focus on a lot of little things, you’ve got to focus on the whole car,” says Coote. 

“We won it two years in a row and I guess you get a bit casual, and with the rainy event we didn’t get the sessions – it was just one of those difficult events and we weren’t on top of our game. The Porsche [RP968] had to get there sooner or later because it was so well-credentialed and well-built.”

Murray and the team identified a few issues with bump stops and suspension packers to ensure all aero is off the ground under maximum load. A bit more power was drawn from the already-potent four-cylinder SR20 package and the usual tweaks to the aerodynamic package were made to assist with high-speed stability.

Andre is super keen to get behind the wheel in October, and it’s rare for any race driver to start a sport at the top end.

“I’ve only seen the event from afar. The fact I get the privilege to drive a car that’s capable of winning is really exciting and I’ve heard when you go there, this car is like royalty,” says Heimgartner.

“If we can be around the mark we were at today [during testing], at World Time Attack, I think we’ll be on!”

Watch the video below as Andre meets the MCA team for the first time and hops into the Hammerhead S13 for testing at Queensland Raceway.

Video by Monday Made, photos courtesy of Michael Carroll 

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