Enter the venue using your barcoded e-ticket. This ticket will be emailed out to you. (make sure to check your junk mail box). These tickets are single-use so please ensure you do not lose your ticket or share your ticket with anyone else. Replacement tickets cannot and will not be issued at the venue, and you will have to purchase a GA ticket.

Once you have parked your car, head to the Media Room (Suite 1) for the compulsory Media Briefing at 8:00AM Friday 18 October

• Enter using your the barcoded wristband in your Media Pack from the Accreditation Office.
• Park your car as instructed by WTAC staff.
• Head to the Media Room for the compulsory 7:30am briefing to sign on and collect your Media Vest and Media Pass.

Note: Make sure you receive a stamp passout if you leave the venue and want to return.


ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSORY. You cannot enter restricted areas without attending the Media Briefing.

The Media Briefing will be held at 7:30am on Friday 18 October 2019. There will be a second Media Briefing on Saturday 19 October 2019 at 8:00am for those not attending on Friday.

Media Briefings will be held in the Media Room (Suite 1). 

Media Vests will be issued at the Media Briefing. Once you have your Media Vest, your Media Pass and your wristband, you can enter the restricted track areas (as allowed by your vest type).


Your Media Pass will be available for collection at the Media Briefing after you sign on, and will not be mailed out prior to the event.


Wearing your Media Vest at all times is compulsory. The number on the back of your vest as well as the number on the chest of your vest must be visible at ALL TIMES, not just while on track.

Once your vest has been signed out, it cannot be shared, given or lent out to anyone else.

Any media wearing a vest other than the approved WTAC vests will be removed from the venue.

The Media Vests remain a property of the World Time Attack Challenge and need to be returned. Please drop them into the vest box located into the WTAC Operations room (Hinxman Room) or at the Drift Operations Marquee at Turn 12 after the event. Each vest is numbered and linked to your name. Media who do not return their Vests during the event will need to mail them back at their own cost.


Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge will be broadcasted via the official Live Stream. The footage from the Live Stream and any subsequent edits remains the property of Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge. No competition footage is to be broadcast via livestream during the event. This includes any in-car camera, pit garage or general racing footage. No part of the official WTAC Live Stream is to be re-broadcasted without prior written permission from the event organisers.

All in-car footage taken during Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge remains the property of Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge. Teams are permitted to fit in-car cameras and record their laps however the footage is “strictly for private internal team purposes”; that is, it cannot be sold, licensed or otherwise broadcasted as a stand-alone or a part of any other event coverage or show. Placement priority must be given to the official WTAC Live Stream in-car cameras.

On-selling or canvassing the sale of video footage taken during Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge to competitors and/or exhibitors without prior permission from the event organisers is strictly prohibited.


In accordance with CAMS safety rules remotely controlled drones are strictly forbidden at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge with the exception of Livestream Broadcast Staff. There will be no exceptions to this rule.


The Media Room facilities are available for your usage.
Use common sense and remember that you are sharing these facilities with other media personnel.
Entry is restricted to people carrying media accreditation credentials. Don’t leave your gear unattended.


There will be complimentary Event Programs available in the Media Room with a full event schedule.



There will be two types of Accreditation issued – Special Access and General Access.

Media who have applied as Press Photographers and Sponsor Photographers will receive a Special Access Vest.
The Special Access Vest grants access to the track and the pit lane and pit wall as outlined in the Special Access Media Rules below.

Media who have applied as Press Journalists, Online and Social Media and Competitor Media will receive a General Access Vest.
The General Access Vests grants access to all general spectator areas, inside pit garages as well as the Media Room.

Any Media with a General Access vest caught accessing the track, pit lane (past the bitumen line) or the pit wall will result in immediate removal from the event.




1. Never, under any circumstances are you to enter the actual race track. No Exceptions.
2. Keep a concrete barrier between you and the track at all times.
3. No sitting on, standing on, leaning on or over the concrete wall or pit wall.
4. Your entire body and all your camera equipment must be BEHIND the concrete barrier or pit wall.
5. Wear your Media Pass, Vest during the entire event. Your number must be visible on your back and on your chest at ALL TIMES.
6. Respect all No Go zones as explained to you at the Media Briefing.
Failure to observe any of the above will result in your immediate removal from the event.


As a Media Representative you have access to the Pit Lane to end of the concrete. You may cross over past the black line onto the bitumen only to access the pit wall. Your actions must not, in any way, obstruct the cars exiting or entering garages or driving through pit lane. This means no standing in front of the cars as they’re leaving the garage, standing in the garage entry as cars are pulling in, or standing in the middle of pit lane. This applies to both photographers and video crews.

Please respect the WTAC broadcast camera crew and do not stand in front of them or otherwise impede their efforts.

These are common sense rules that ensure your safety and help us run the event smoothly.


Pit Wall is open to media who have track access credentials. Tripods are NOT allowed on the pit wall.
Your entire body and all your gear must stay behind the concrete wall at all times. This includes your camera lens. Do not lean on, sit on, lean over, or stick your camera the wall or concrete barrier.