Mercury Motorsport Pro Class R35 GTR.

The Mercury Motorsport backed R35 GTR of Mark Hansen that has recently been making a big noise in the Queensland Time Attack series has confirmed entry into the Pro Class for World Time Attack 2011 and has undergone a major transformation from modified street car to complete full blown time attack race car in the lead up to the event.

“I guess you could say we are taking it to the next level” said Mercury boss Trent Whyte “we basically imported another whole Japanese spec car, gutted it, caged it and transferred all the lightweight carbon fibre panels from the previous car which was an Australian delivered car, and then fitted it with all the best gear including a complete 800 horsepower forged engine direct from AMS Performance in the USA”

photo by Casey Dnarham

The modifications certainly do not stop at the engine either with a Dodsons 1-6 straight cut gearset with  a set of Dodsons clutches, a pair of ATS carbon diff centres and a set of Willall trans and diff coolers and transmission  pan  rounding out the purpose built driveline. The suspension also reads like a catalogue with top of the line locally made MCA coilovers attaching to Hi Octane Racing arms on the front and Hard Race arms on the rear allowing infinite suspension adjustment and Whiteline sway bars holding the whole package flat on the track.

The braking system runs a Willall cooling system and features AP Racing brakes and Endless pads with the whole package assembled, tuned and sorted by Trent and the guys at Mercury Motorsport in Brisbane. “This is certainly a showcase of what we can do for our customers” said Trent “both Mark and the team at Mercury Motorsport are extremely excited to  have the opportunity to go up against the fastest in the world, we will be putting in a huge effort”

Mercury Motorsport is a Brisbane based performance mechanical workshop, established in 2004. Grown to be a leader in today’s performance market, the Mercury Motorsport team specialises in performance modifications, tuning & maintenance of high-tech turbocharged Japanese vehicles such as Mark’s R35 GTR as well as Mitsubishi and Subarus.

Sporting a dedicated and passionate team of 12 staff members, Mercury Motorsport consists of 3 adjacent workshops covering 1000m2, providing a full range of performance upgrades and services entirely in-house. Their fabrication facilities are also available to complete any custom alloy or stainless steel jobs to a show-car finish, whilst all custom dyno tuning is carried out on their own Dyno Dynamics 4WD dyno. Mark’s R35 GTR will be the latest creation from the workshop and we can’t wait to see the results.

photo by Casey Dnarham

Read the full Mercury Motorsport R35 GTR spec sheet here.