The Superlap World Time Attack Challenge is now part of motorsport history and has certainly put Australia firmly on the Time Attack map worldwide.

To actually see all of these leading cars from Japan and the US competing on our home soil is a memory many will cherish for a long time to come. The outcome was not exactly surprising as the Cyber Evo has long been regarded as one of the fastest time attack cars in the world and it certainly stamped its authority loud and clear at Eastern Creek, shattering Mark Skaife’s long-standing V8 supercar lap record with a time of 1.30.58 and over a full second ahead of their American arch-rivals Sierra Sierra Enterprises (1.31.88).

To say these guys put in a marathon effort is an understatement. To ship several whole racing operations to another country involves an enormous effort both logistically and financially. Throw in a language barrier you can start to get an idea of the huge task myself and my staff had to undertake, but seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces when these cars hit the track made it all worthwhile.


The dust had barely settled from the 2010 World Time Attack Challenge but we’re already in the planning stage for the 2011 event. The feedback received both from competitors, sponsors and spectactors will help us make the 2011 WTAC even bigger and better so be sure to keep your eyes on for future updates.


Now I would like to personally thank the following people who are the guys that really helped put this deal together and deserve to see their name in lights:

Christian Hansen, Doug Iric, Nathan Welland, Inga Whitman, Kerrie Maastricht, Kyle Major, Greg, David and James Lysien, Jeff Boulous, Jessica Nicholson, Peter Macintyre, Allen Lorenzo, Tats Kano, Eric Kroegel, Daniel Ellis, Steve Glenney, Steve Gosbee, Greg Selsby, and a big thank you to Dennis Kottke from team Sierra Sierra for believing in us when many others let us down. I have no doubt you will be back bigger and better next year!

Also a big thankyou to the guys at Hypertune for helping with CAMS compliance issues and Haltech for opening their dyno to us to get the Cyber Evo going again late at night and anyone else that I might have forgotten.

Also a huge thank you to our fans and media contingent that travelled from around the world to be here. I know we had a big group of fans from New Zealand, USA and Japan and people who drove from as far as Perth and Darwin just to be a part of the action. Without you guys we couldn’t have an event and I thank you all dearly for your support.


Last but not least a big thank-you to our sponsors and traders. To see the support from the aftermarket industry was absolutely amazing and I believe unprecedented an event like this in Australia. These are the guys that are supporting motorsport so I ask that next time you are in the market for a performance product you think long and hard about who is putting their money into our future instead of into their back pockets.

Yokohama Australia, Wynn’s Australia, Hi Octane Racing, Tectaloy Performance Coolants, Chemtech, Hi Octane Performance Coatings, GCG Turbos, Greddy, Turbosmart Performance Products, HKS Australia, Xtreme Race Clutch, Haltech, Royal Purple, V-Sport, Ross Balancers, 999 Automotive, Fulcrum Suspension, TMR Australia, Motul, Nismo, Whiteline Suspension, Motor Magazine.

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We will see you back at the track in 2011!

Ian Baker
CEO Superlap Australia