Dream Projects all-out monster S15 Silvia build to shake up Open Class!

After a brief hiatus, Robert ‘Mighty Mouse’ Nguyen is back in the driver’s seat at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge, this time in Charles Warland’s newly-built, all-out Open Class Nissan S15 Silvia! 

Our time attack fans will know Rob from his 7 years campaigning his infamous 101 Motorsports ‘Mighty Mouse’ CRX of which he has become synonymous with. Being a WTAC heavyweight himself, this should be enough proof of how serious this entry will be.

“My goal every year, including this year, is to hit my target lap time”, says Rob, and when asked what the time was, “I’m not sure I’m allowed to say it yet, but it’s going to be quick!”

Rob is very comfortable in rear-wheel driven cars, contrary to his history at WTAC of racing a Honda. In his early days Rob was identified as a rising talent in the now-defunct International Formula 3000 series.

The package he will be driving this year consists of a billet 2.3L SR20 with a big BorgWarner turbo, and although Rob has hinted at about a 850HP power figure, inside sources have told us the number is more than 900 at the wheels!

To ensure the rest of the car could utilise this power, the chassis and aero needed to be up to par and owner Charles Warland didn’t waste his time and went straight to the top. And the result? Barry Lock, the designer of the Mighty Mouse and the MCA Suspension Hammerhead S13 – both proven WTAC legends – has engineered this Silvia from the ground up. 

“We were looking for a complete balanced car. The reason it’s taken so long is to get it right and I believe we’ve got a very competitive package!” says Charles.

The car has not taken any shortcuts to get where it is today. See below the video of the car at Queensland Raceway for its first shakedown. Preparation was proven to be key as it went from merely a shakedown session to the calibrating set-up within a day! 

The 2019 GCG Open Class will be our most exciting yet. Huge builds from Australia’s best workshops, and the showdown between Tarzan Yamada and Keiichi Tsuchiya. This will be one for the ages!

Come and witness the most exciting WTAC Open Class we’ve ever seen! Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge will be held 18-19 October 2019. Tickets are on sale NOW at http://tickets.worldtimeattack.com/