Naoki Nakamura is coming to party and he is packing 1100hp!

Naoki Nakamura has now been confirmed to the Honeywell Garrett International Drifting Cup and he will be bringing his familiar pink “Team Pink Style” D1GP spec Silvia. Nakamura has widely been recognised as one of the most skillful drivers on the planet with his super aggressive driving style and signature backward entries.

Nakamura has long been the inspiration for many young drifters as his sheer driving skill and absolute lack of fear rather than a big dollar mega horsepower car has allowed him to “absolutely stick it to the door” of any competitor in his trademark Pink and Purple Silvia with the SR20 bouncing off the rev limiter from whoa to go, more often than not taking down the opposition regardless of who they are.

He was Japanese 2010 D1SL Champion and was intending on turning pro from 2011 when he was arrested in the mountain roads of Osaka prefecture in the early hours when he was caught “getting some practice in”, The result of this was the D1 corporation suspended his competition licence and it is only now in 2018 that he has since had it reinstated and plans on returning to full time D1GP competition, but not before competing in Australia!

But with the intention to come to WTAC and the high power layout of Sydney Motorsport Park North Circuit, Naoki and the team quickly replaced the traditional SR20 he is so famous for using with a no holds barred 1100hp 3.4 litre 2JZ with a T88 34D turbocharger backed by a sequential Holinger 6 speed transmission. 

“This really is something special to have Naoki along” said Superlap CEO Ian Baker “Whenever I ask the question to anyone in the know as to who they regard as the top 5 drifters in Japan his name is always there. When I ask the same question on a worldwide basis, more often than not he is still mentioned, so to have him represent Japan is quite fitting really. He is always big angle and committed the absolute mastery of tandem drift. Naoki has told us now that he has his D1GP license back he will be heading back to D1, but insists he has some scalps to capture in Australia first. We can’t wait!”