Naoki Nakamura returns to defend International Drifting Cup title in 2019

Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge and the Garrett International Drifting Cup 2019 proudly welcome back our current champion, Naoki Nakamura! Nakamura-san will return this year to represent the Japanese contingency, defend his title and wow drift fans again with his unmatched speed and agility behind the wheel. 

The Team Pink Style driver will be even more aggressive this year and we hope to see him make the most of the 2019 South Circuit course with his signature drifting style. This man is fearless in the way he initiates, and gets up to the door of every opponent with the precision of a surgeon.

Not only a fan favourite, Naoki impressed judges and local drivers with his finesse and drift IQ as he drove undefeated all weekend in his unique pink and purple Toyota 2JZ-powered Nissan S15 Silvia. There’s word through the grapevine that the Drift King himself, Keiichi Tsuchiya, regards Naoki as the best drifter in the world right now. He will return in 2019 with the beast of a car he prepared especially for battling at Sydney Motorsport Park, read more about his car here.

“Nakamura is way too good – he is so fast, I couldn’t keep up! Hands down to him, he drove so well, I was just happy to have a battle with him, it was awesome,” said Dale Campaign, who finished in the top 4 at last year’s Garrett International Drifting Cup.

See more of Naoki’s performance in the video below to see what you can expect of him this year!

Come see Naoki rip backies and get up the door against local and international superstars at the Garrett International Drifting Cup, held at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge 2019. It’s on October 18-19 at Sydney Motorsport Park and tickets are on sale NOW! Buy your tickets here:

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