NEW FOR 2023: Turbosmart Flying 500 HEAD-TO-HEAD!

Are you ready to experience the most thrilling motorsport event of the year? World Time Attack Challenge and Turbosmart are excited to announce the Flying 500: Head to Head! A major change to the well-loved Turbosmart Flying 500 Format, this highly-requested format will see cars racing side-by-side at Sydney Motorsport Park, competing for the title of 2023 champion.

Since 2013, the Turbosmart Flying 500 has been an adrenaline-filled event attraction at the World Time Attack Challenge festival and this year is set to be even more exciting with its head-to-head approach. Past winners have included twin-turbo Lamborghinis, 1500HP EVOs and some amazing GTRs – so who do you think will take out this year’s crown? 

Introducing the Turbosmart Flying 500: Head to Head!

Two cars will race up the main straight of Sydney Motorsport Park for glory, side-by-side, head-to-head until the winner is crowned. This high octane event will have spectators on the edge of their seats, cheering for their favourite vehicles as they race their rivals to the finish line. Past winners include twin-turbo Lamborghinis, 1500HP EVOs and some tasty GTRs, this year’s race promises to be even more exciting than before! 

Flying 500 is a full noise, top speed competition held on the main straight of SMSP circuit in reverse direction, commencing on the tarmac strip located adjacent to Turn 1 and takes competitors side-by-side to centre stage in front of the grandstands and main pit building. Past competitors have been clocked at over 280km/h and this seems to climb every single year. Who will take the trophy home this year?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay extra to see the Flying 500: Head to Head?

No. Turbosmart are proud to bring you the Flying 500: Head to Head as part of the WTAC festival and like all other attractions at the event each year, is part of your general entry ticket.

When is it on?

The Turbosmart Flying500 is on during the entertainment portion of WTAC and while subject to scheduling on the day, will be around 5:00PM both Friday and Saturday.

What are the best viewing spots?

The Grandstand and Pit Building Roof provide excellent vantage points of the whole straight!

Can I enter and how?

There are safety requirements but if you are interested, we have a couple of wildcard entries available – however, your car must be in the region of 1500HP to 2000HP to enter. You can contact Brendan Lee on for more information.

Tickets ARE ON SALE NOW – WTAC 2023 Event dates are Friday 1 and Saturday 2 September 2023!

World Time Attack Challenge Sydney is proudly supported by the NSW Government through its tourism and major events agency, Destination NSW.