New R35 GTR one-make class for WTAC 2014

One of the big announcements for 2014 is that we will be running a ONE MAKE time attack class for R35 GTR vehicles.


The R35 GTR Class will comprise 2 distinct categories:

Tuner GTR

The tuner GTR category is for modified street registered vehicles with limited aero modifications.
1. No Pro drivers ware allowed.
2. Cars must run on the Yokohama Advan A050 295/35/18 control tyre with a limit of 2 sets of tyres per car.
The full set of regulations is available here



The second category is the PRO GTR category and this will run under the Pro Class WTAC regulations with the following exceptions:
1. Minimum vehicle weight cannot be below 1500kg
2. The vehicles must run on a control 290/710R20 ADVAN A005 Slick tyre with a maximum of 3 sets per car.


Why a separate class for the R35 GTR?

The big question is why on earth are we running a separate class of the GTR? The short answer is quite simple – this vehicle is very different to any other. Firstly, since we updated our rules for 2013 and the R35 GTR was no longer eligible for Clubsprint Class it was unlikely we would see any of these vehicles competing into the future despite the interest within the tuner community growing year upon year. We figured it was time to give these guys a class they could compete in with a level playing field.

As for the Pro Class, as many of the larger tuning companies worldwide are now directing much of their development budgets to this particular vehicle we feel that this could set the stage for a “Battle of the Titans” within the Pro GTR class.

The next question is why is this the only class that can use a slick tyre? Once again this has a simple answer. Most of the Pro level cars worldwide use a brake package that is too big to fit under an 18 inch wheel that is the biggest tyre available in the AO50 tyre range – which is the event control tyre. As these cars are factory fitted with 20 inch wheels we will allow the Pro GTR class to use the Advan Aoo5 slick tyre that was specially designed for these vehicles.


How to Enter

Entries open this Thursday the 1st May. This class will be strictly limited in numbers and preference will be given to faster vehicles.
Submit your Expression of Interest form here.
Read the full  2014 WTAC Rule Book here.
If you have a car you feel will fit in the Pro GTR Class please contact us directly on