Mitsuyoshi Nishio’s 1000HP 52-second Onevia sets sights on Sydney!

Another new challenger enters the ring – Nishio commits to WTAC after 52 second Tsukuba timeslip!

The name Mitsuyoshi Nishio might not be a household name in the world of time attack racing but we are pretty confident that is all about to change! Bursting into the scene in Japan less than a year ago in his green and carbon wide-body S13 Onevia he wasted no time in consistently running deep into the 53 second range at the iconic Tsukuba circuit in Japan, something many teams have taken years to achieve. After some help from some familiar time attack names (ahem, Under Suzuki!) to put this wicked package together, Nishio made the time attack community stop and pay attention when he stopped the clocks at a phenomenal 52.603 second lap placing him 6th outright on the Tsukuba time attack ladder on what he describes as a ‘far from perfect lap’, hinting much more to come. 

We caught up with Nishio-san as he was busy preparing for more testing prior to heading to Australia in September.

WTAC: Great news that you are coming to the biggest time attack show on earth, congratulations! Tell us a bit about the time attack beast you will be bringing with you to World Time Attack Challenge Sydney?

Nishio: My ‘Onevia’ began as a Silvia from a one-owner lady in full original condition that I bought back when I was only 20 years old. I began building this car many years ago, initially to be a d1 level drift car. I stripped it down, stitch welded it, and made the roll bar. After which I left the project dormant until 2018 when I decided to give time attack racing a go.

After picking up where I left off all those years ago, I added push-rod rear suspension and several other modifications that I made myself. I am a proud privateer.

WTAC: And tell us about the engine and driveline. How much power is it making?

Nishio: After using several different SR20 setups, it is now running an SR20VET with a Garrett G35 1050 turbo and a Holinger 6-speed transmission. At just under 3bar of boost and E85 race fuel, we are making 1000 horsepower!

WTAC: So who does all of the carbon fibre work?

The front under panel and rear wing is produced by Under Suzuki, the wide-body and bumpers are modelled by Mr. Hasegawa. Dry Carbon components are produced by Mr. Takumi from Carbon Junkie.

WTAC: And you come from a background of drift, how does time attack compare?

Nishio: I have been drifting for many years, also competitively in the past. Drifting is always a fun and amazing motorsport, and I try to go to practice whenever time prevails. I found with drifting skills, it’s not that difficult to race in time attack. However with time attack, the decisive difference from drifting is the evidence of time, so no one can misunderstand or deceive. Therefore that’s the challenge and most difficult part of it.

WTAC: Who else has been involved in your Onevia build?

Nishio: Most of the body construction is done in my personal time by myself, but when I think about whats gone into my Onevia, there has been many people that I am thankful to have helped me out, and it would be difficult to list them all. I would like to mention Mr. Waki from REMS tuning shop, who is responsible for the engine building and engine management.

WTAC: And how many times had you driven at  Tsukuba before the 52 second timeslip? 

Nishio: I have been to Tsukuba several times in the Onevia, I’ve done 5 laps in the 52 second range!

WTAC: So you have entered into the Plazmaman ProAm class at WTAC. Do you have to make many changes to comply with this class?

Nishio: Other than some troubleshooting and basic updates, I feel the car is ready for ProAm. I am still contemplating using Yokohama slicks, and may adjust suspension to suit after some testing.

WTAC: Awesome we cant wait to see you in Sydney in September!


Tickets go on sale 1 MAY 2023 HERE – WTAC 2023 Event dates are Friday 1 and Saturday 2 September 2023!

World Time Attack Challenge Sydney is proudly supported by the NSW Government through its tourism and major events agency, Destination NSW.