Nulon Oil Testing service is now available to everyone

The team at Nulon have changed the game when it comes to high quality synthetic racing oils. With some of Australia’s fastest Circuit, drag and endurance teams working closely with Nulon engineers to develop a market leading group 5 synthetic oil right here in Australia.

Part of the racing oil program is the launch of an oil testing service available direct to the public, giving access to a multimillion dollar facility normally reserved for the high-end users and race teams.

Chris from Nulon “Our aim with this program is to make the invisible, visible. There is only so much information your data logging can tell you about the health of your engine and its tune up. When we analyse an oil sample we get a microscopic insight into how the oil is performing in your engine. Its not only lubrication we are looking at, the testing will find a head gasket failure well before any physical symptoms become apparent”.

There are a number of factors play a huge role in the health of your engine, age, build quality, fuel type, compression and the amount of time spent at WOT. An in-depth oil analysis allows Nulon to identify potential issues with oil or setup, and perhaps most importantly document the engines performance and engine health over a prolonged period. Having access to this type of information is invaluable as it allows the owner or team to know exactly when a strip down is needed, saving time and money.

 Another tangible benefit of the oil testing program is the ability to assess if you’re using the right viscosity. If the engine oil is breaking down too quickly or isn’t getting to the correct operating temperature it will show up in the lab analysis.

As the results show, the original oil for this car was incorrect, and the motor was not enjoying life, starting to damage bearings from the moment it was fired. By sampling the oil, the technical department at Nulon identified the issue and put a fluid recommendation forward to the team. Once the team switched viscosity grades not only did the wear metals drop away considerably but the engine made more power due to the reduction of friction in the bearings. Picking up 4% in power by going thicker oil goes against a lot of theories in fluid dynamics but armed with the right information the team could made an educated decision which in the long run saved them from a very costly engine rebuild.

The best part is that Nulon have opened this program up to everybody, no matter what oil you run you can get access to their technical department who live and breathe performance oils. To get your engine oil test kit visit and arm yourself with the right knowledge.