RP968 target outright SMSP lap record at WTAC 2019

The reigning, defending champions of the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge will return in 2019! After claiming Pro Class honours and a record time for WTAC, the RP968 team are now targeting the Sydney Motorsport Park outright lap record. The blistering 1:19.142 lap set by Nico Hulkenberg in an A1GP open-wheeler is the time to beat, with Barton Mawer’s winning 2018 lap time in RP968 only 0.68 seconds off the mark! The team behind the WTAC-winning Porsche recently had a meeting of minds at the PR Technology workshop, and we were there to get across the team’s plans for domination this year.

L-R: Ian Baker (WTAC CEO), Barton Mawer (Driver), Rod Pobestek (RP968 owner), Dr Sammy Diasinos (Dynamic Aero Solutions) and Richard den Brinker (PR Technology) discussing plans for WTAC 2019.

We first introduced RP968 in 2015, when it debuted with a best lap of 1:26.8 and fourth place, and now fast-forward to present day, the car tops Pro Class with our first sub-1:20 lap, cementing the car’s legendary status in time-attack. There are a few parties who have made this juggernaut time-attack machine possible, and they have hinted that the car’s potential this year is far beyond the 2018 result it has stunned time-attack circles with.

As told by the current state of the car shown in these photos, the car is currently being torn down and refined to maximise the allowances in the Pro Class rulebook. Richard den Brinker of PR Technology, who manages the project, says the engine will be adjusted to refine weight distribution while staying within regulation.

Check out the video below where we speak to the team involved with the RP968 project at PR Technology to find out more about their plans to defend their title, more about what’s involved to prepare a winning WTAC Pro Class car as well as throwing down the challenge to the MCA Hammerhead team! 


Come and witness RP968’s pursuit of perfection and watch them chase the elusive outright lap record. WTAC 2019 will be held on October 18-19 at Sydney Motorsport Park. Tickets on sale NOW! Buy your tickets here: http://worldtimeattack.com/index.php/buy-2019-wtac-tickets/

For any more information about the event or how to get involved, email marketing@worldtimeattack.com