Add Darkness: Scura Motorsport Lotus Breaks Cover!

Matt Plowman’s Scura Motorsport Lotus Exige is almost a decade in the making and we are pleased to announce its entry into the 2023 Plazmaman Pro Am Class at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge! With over a thousand horses from the Honda power unit and less than a thousand kilos to get moving, this insane creation is set to be the dark horse entry in the top categories to watch our for!

On a recent visit to Queensland Raceway, the WTAC team had the pleasure of seeing this incredible Batman-esque machine out testing at a private track day. It was also the first time Andrew Brilliant has seen the car since its inception 8 years ago, as the car is draped in his AMB Aero design and the front bumper is equipped with his signature Infinity Wing design. Watch the video below to see Andrew take the WTAC team for a walkthrough of this insane long-time-coming entrant!

“It’s kind of surreal, to have seen this car on screen in CAD drawings to seeing it in the flesh so many years later. This car is a favourite of mine, I truly think this chassis is a cheat code for time attack!” says Andrew.

Matt’s team is competing under the Scura Motorsport banner – Scura is the feminine singular word form of the Italian word ‘scuro’ which translates to ‘dark’ or ‘to wear dark colours’ which is absolutely apt in this instance. To retain the carbon look with an added ‘Scura’ touch, there is a translucent black layer in the clear coat which makes this car visually stunning in the sun. The high-gloss finish had an almost golden iridescence under the Brisbane sun, it’s definitely an exterior which begs for a second glance.

Under the clamshell, the Lotus is powered by dreams – a Honda K20 now sits behind the driver. The 2.0L has been stroked out closer to 2.2L, giving an increase of torque and to enhance compression for the Garrett G35 turbo strapped to it!

The K-series swaps are quite popular due to their aftermarket support and proven power capabilities well into the four-digit mark as soon in other special WTAC guests such as Mike Burroughs’ K24-swapped Ferarri 308. Matt has indicated the car is definitely in the vicinity of 1000HP and weighs under 1000kg! 

The Lotus controls the action with a MOTEC ECU, and pumps the power out through a Holinger sequential and a set of AP Racing Pro 5000R brakes make light work of helping the Exige pull through the corners. Keeping the brakes company are a wide set of Yokohama ADVAN Racing GT Wheels, a perfect match for the wild body styling of the Scura Exige.

Colin Chapman once said ‘to add speed, add lightness’ – f you ever wondered what it would look like if you added darkness, this is it! See it in person in September!

Tickets ARE ON SALE NOW – WTAC 2023 Event dates are Friday 1 and Saturday 2 September 2023!

World Time Attack Challenge Sydney is proudly supported by the NSW Government through its tourism and major events agency, Destination NSW.