Shane Van Gisbergen back in MCA Drift 370Z

Team MCA Suspension have confirmed their first 2019 entry at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge, announcing that Red Bull V8 Supercars superstar Shane Van Gisbergen will pilot their Nissan VK56-powered 370Z pro drift car in the Garrett International Drifting Cup. SVG has quite a history driving this car, having a podium finish in 2017 behind Beau Yates and Daigo Saito. He is back for revenge and with the car receiving more refinements and possible power upgrades, he will be a force to be reckoned with in 2019.

With such a busy schedule with the Red Bull V8SC team and numerous GT commitments every year, Van Gisbergen relishes the chance to jump into a drift car at any rare chance, especially something as special as the MCA 370Z.

The late-model Z packs over 700HP from the ex-Forsberg VK56 Nissan V8 engine. The team have spent the past year or so refining chassis set up and making the car really come alive. “Shane has absolutely incredible car control,” said MCA Suspensions team principle, Murray Coote, “His skill level allows us to really push the envelope with the mechanical setup. He really is one of the best I have ever seen, and it’s an absolute pleasure to have him back with us.”

“We had been looking fitting a supercharger, but with the move to the much more technical SMSP South Circuit, we have made the decision to focus on chassis setup,” says Coote, “We now have much greater lock thanks to the latest Wisefab kit, too. Shane has been on fire lately, so we come into this year’s competition pretty confident. We are certainly not here to make up the numbers and will be pushing hard for the win!”

“MCA have always been a force at WTAC and it’s so good to see SVG back in the drift car. I know this is something he really enjoys doing and he is so damn good at it!” said Superlap CEO Ian Baker, “We are expecting a 3 car team from MCA once again, with Murray’s son Josh once again pushing for an Open Class win in the VR38DETT-powered GT86 and the MCA Hammerhead S13 once again entered into Pro Class.”

“They haven’t announced who’s driving the Pro Class car yet, but when I asked Murray about this he replied, ‘You will have to wait and see, but we once again will be pushing to take back the outright crown,’ and judging by the Hammerhead’s previous driver lineup, whoever it is will be at the top of their game!”

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